The Horror of Into the Lion’s Den: Worse than a Dozen American Idol Wanna-be’s with Their Claws Out!

Published December 31, 2011 by biggayhorrorfan

Whenever Big Gay Horror Fan gets lonely for the western backwoods that he grew up in (which is, frankly, kind of never), all I have to do is throw on an inbred, dusty hatchet fest and voila – I am transferred back to those long lost days of spitball torture via the black tooth farm boys.

Part hick horror, part Hostel homage and part social commentary, Into the Lion’s Den’s primary strength just may be that it’s an actual gay horror film that doesn’t feature a cast of ex-porn stars playing smooth and love stressed vampires.

Well, this one does feature ex-reality star and Playgirl model Ronnie Kroell as the central focus of a trio of friends enjoying a sex fueled, emotionally exploratory road trip. But, Kroell displays a truly open presence here and, despite an awkward drunk sequence, he excels – especially in a vicious Camille Keaton “I Spit On Your Grave” revenge moment.

As Kroell’s sexually obsessive, ne’er do well best friend, actor Jesse Archer, also, supplies some skill. He, ultimately, reminds you of all the messed up, slightly charming bar boys with a destructive streak that you’ve crossed paths with in your life. It is Archer’s Johnny, who has been arranging internet tricks throughout their cross country journey, whom ultimately brings the three friends into captive danger. Rape, needle sharp penile injection and homophobic slander led the way when they cross paths with a twisted couple at a roadside tavern.

Of course, the film often belies its budget and has its share of clunky moments, but most of all it is sleazy fun with a vibrantly poetic edge (including a touching denouement) and like the great grind house flicks, such as Pets and Malibu High, has its share of kinky nudity. Here, though, of course, it is dick flopping action from the handsome cast that leads the charge as opposed to the breast popping antics of such drive in legends as the late great Candice Rialson.

Into the Lion’s Den is available from QC Cinema and Breaking Glass Pictures –

Until next time – Sweet love and pink Grue (and avoid those bumpy, map-less country roads!), Big Gay Horror Fan

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