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Holiday Horror History (Valentines Day) : Dead Men Walk

Published February 15, 2019 by biggayhorrorfan

31BEF7EC-BD66-4D7F-8228-EBCFC8ACEF66.jpegDead Men Walk was released on Valentine’s Day in 1943. It features a skilled dual performance from refined terror legend George Zucco. Other significant participants include Frankenstein’s Dwight Frye and under appreciated character actress Fern Emmett, who turned up in many minor roles in the classic Universal horrors. For a poverty row production, there is plenty of misty moodiness and fun vampiric action here. Thus, this easily accessible public domain title is well worth checking out.

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Music to Make Horror Movies By: George Clinton

Published December 30, 2018 by biggayhorrorfan


George Dracula

If the legendary George Clinton wants to be your Dracula, how can you refuse? In the title track of his 1982 album Computer Games, named one of the 100 best albums of that decade by Slant Magazine, Clinton indeed makes that irresistibly toothy offer.

Of course, Clinton, one of the truly influential masters of music, always provides eternal majesty at

George Clinton

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Music to Make Horror Movies By: The Jones Girls

Published July 23, 2017 by biggayhorrorfan


For several years, I lived with a guy with the last name of Jones. His mom was a petite blonde woman named Shirley. I could probably, truthfully, claim that I’ve never really been in love. But if I miss anyone, it has to be this guy. Therefore, (R and B sensations) The Jones Girls, no relation to my long distant paramour by the way, have always sparked a subtle interest in me.

Nicely, I have recently discovered that they performed a mysterious and sensuous version of Children of the Night, probably best known as a semi-standard of The Stylistics. (It’s even rumored that their version found its way onto an episode of The Walking Dead.) But, I have always preferred my luscious divas to my dapper gents and the spooky vibe provided by these siblings, including (perhaps necessarily) a sister named Shirley, makes me imagine that any creature, be it seductive vampire or trembling love struck ghoul, could find some romance in the witching hour.

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Music to Make Horror Movies By: Evelyn “Champagne” King

Published February 19, 2017 by biggayhorrorfan


She was the Queen of Shame, due to her propulsive disco hit of the same name, but the glorious Evelyn “Champagne” King also deserves credit for being a seminal horror movie soundtrack diva. Her seductive Give It Up highlighted the dance floor seduction scene between Chris Sarandon’s commanding Jerry Dandridge and Amanda Bearse’s awkward Amy Peterson in 1985’s beloved Fright Night.


Currently, King, who had multiple R&B and dance club hits throughout the prime of her career, is still showing the world that there will always be a “love comedown” at

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Night Gallery Vamps: Lesley Ann Warren

Published August 12, 2014 by biggayhorrorfan

Naturally, Night Gallery Vamps explores the eternal magnificence of the amazing actresses who enlivened Rod Serling’s haunting anthology series Night Gallery (1969-1973).

While British actresses such as Ingrid Pitt and Eileen Daly have seemingly cornered the market on the sensuous vampire due to Hammer and its latter day ilk, luckily, lovely New York-born performer Lesley Ann Warren graced the small screen with Hyacinth, her truly erotic creature of the night, in the steamy 1973 episode of Night Gallery entitled Death on a Barge.

Languishingly lounging on a candle strewn barge, Warren’s unearthly creature soon earns the undivided attention of a small town clerk. His consistent nocturnal visits eventually make his girlfriend (played by Nightmare on Elm Street 3 & 4’s Brooke Bundy) curious. When her encounter with the fang bearing Hyacinth almost leaves her dead, she determines that her beau’s mysterious new obsession is, indeed, a vampire. Will a jealous co-worker and a possessive sweetheart soon mean the end of the gorgeous Hyacinth or vice versa?lesley night gallery

This episode (written by Halsted Welles via Everill Worrell’s story and directed by Leonard Nimoy) definitely reinvents some of the bloodsucker rules. Hyacinth hasn’t fed for over a year and is watched over by her human father. Yet the gothic Tennessee Williams’ vibe that Nimoy indulges in here is enchanting and the fetching Warren, whose other genre appearances include the CW enhanced Teaching Mrs. Tingle and 2001’s very interesting Wolf Girl, glows within its tragic overtones. She is magnetic, frightening and sympathetic. It’s a bravura performance in (a mere) 22 minute teleplay.

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Book Review: Combustion by Daniel W Kelly

Published July 1, 2014 by biggayhorrorfan

Warm hearted, silly and, most importantly, filled with tons of outrageous sex, Daniel W. Kelly’s novel Combustion combines supernatural activity, social commentary and fiery vampire lore with giddy aplomb.

Concerning the efforts of Deck Waxer, a burly PI, who finds himself in plenty of hot and horror-ific action in a burgeoning gay village known as Kremfort Cove, this queer terror entry is fast paced and adventurous. Most importantly, Kelly incorporates plenty of messages of positive self-image, here. Waxer, in particular, is painted as someone without the club boy body type. But he is, also, highly desired and intensely sexual – proving that wherever one falls on the physical spectrum, there is never any reason to doubt your desirability. A gentle giant named Milkman Stan, whose sexual activities are some of the more unusual covered here is, also, one of the book’s more enjoyable, body positive characters, as well.

Of course, with a multitude of interesting characters and several dangling plotlines at this tome’s end, it is no surprise that Kelly has revisited the world he has created here in his second novel, No Place for Little Ones.

You can gather more information about Kelly and his writing at Kelly is, also, the majestic force behind Boys, Bears and Scares. Check that out at

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Book Review: A Warning in Blood

Published January 31, 2014 by biggayhorrorfan

a warning in blood
I trip. I fall. I land someplace new!

Thankfully, others have a more elegant way of arriving at interesting destinations. Take Dru Lorand, the title character in author Joseph R.G. DeMarco’s new vampire detective series A Warning in Blood. Lorand can manifest into traveling mist or transform into an elegant falcon to get around.

And Lorand does get around here. An investigation into an outbreak of uncontrollable vampire children takes him from the lofts and underground lairs of Philadelphia to a mountainous monastery retreat outside of Prague. In his travels, he eventually discovers that an all consuming, age old presence is fighting to take form and destroy the world’s order. And lots of hot men…he discovers those, too, of course!

Granted, like most homosexual fantasy fiction, DeMarco’s male characters are all marked by exquisite beauty. His skills as a writer, though, allow him to nicely differentiate them, as well. Thus we get a nice feel for everyone from the meek and confused (human puppet) Grant to the willfully destructive, mind altering vampire lieutenant Scylax.

DeMarco, also, sets up a nice mythology and his supporting characters, including a helpful gargoyle name Pyro, are inventive and fun. DeMarco doesn’t shy away from exploding body parts or the vicious nature of the creatures that he has created; giving true horror buffs something to latch onto, as well.

The major complaint with this piece just might be that it is an obvious set-up for a series of books and the cliffhanger ending may come too abruptly for some.

A Warning in Blood is published by Lethe Press – –and is available for purchase at Amazon – – as well!

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