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Published June 21, 2019 by biggayhorrorfan

bubblegum 2

It’s Pride Month and in celebration, Count the Clock Productions does The Favourite one better. Their recently released music video Bubblegum features a vengeful servant playing florescent tricks on an out of control monarch. Revenge has never quite been so brightly fun!

Director Zach Lorkiewicz’s consistent sense of style, a frosty mélange of Richard Avedon morphed into David LaChapelle’s visual torso, is present here…along with a beautiful half naked milk pourer. That tune is pretty sweet, too!

Until the next time, SWEET love and pink GRUE, Big Gay Horror Fan!

Who Killed the Homecoming Queen?

Published April 4, 2019 by biggayhorrorfan

Homecoming Queen

One of my fondest memories of high school – yes, I do have one or two! – was when Kristin, my very blonde and pretty senior prom date, wore the same dress as the very nasty, slightly dog faced class president. I wasn’t very popular (and that moment may have made me even more of a pariah to some) but Kristin definitely won the “Who Wore It Better” poll that night.

The amazing Count the Clock Productions show another, more vicious way to teen victory with the Giallo shaded music video, Who Killed the Homecoming Queen? here. As always, their visual style radiates with LGBTQIA friendly potency and Euro-tinged delight.

Be sure to keep up with all of their cutting edge work at

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Music to Make Horror Movies By: Stacy Lattisaw

Published April 1, 2018 by biggayhorrorfan


A mother’s quest for vengeance strikes at the heart of the much ridiculed Jaws: The Revenge. I, for one, have always taken this goofy showcase for the determined talents of Lorraine Gary as a fun, feminist uprising and Stacy Lattisaw’s song Nail it to the Wall, featured on the film’s soundtrack, definitely reflects the power of a woman at her fullest strength.

Lattisaw, who enjoyed a number of bouncy, beloved hits throughout the ‘80s, is still performing in a spiritualistic capacity and can be visited at

lorraine gary jaws.jpg

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Review: Daddy’s Little Girl

Published June 5, 2014 by biggayhorrorfan

daddy's little girl
“One way or another I’m gonna find ya
I’m gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha” – One Way or Another, Blondie

One summer afternoon, my brother and I pushed (neighborhood bully) Robbie off his Big Wheel for picking on our sister. That, either fortunately or unfortunately, is the extent of my personal revenge motifs.

In writer-director Chris Sun’s chilling Daddy’s Little Girl (released on May 13th, 2014 by Breaking Glass Pictures), an anguished father named Derek (a leveled, award winning Michael Thomson) takes comeuppance to the extreme when his 6 year old daughter (a perfectly angelic Billi Baker) is murdered. After stumbling upon the perpetrator of the crime, and also discovering that the savage criminal had multiple victims, Derek enacts a torturous revenge.

Despite the hard-to-take, real life nature of the subject, Sun ably divides this picture into distinct arcs (the set-up, the anguished downfall, the shocking realization, the plotting of and carrying out of the torturous revenge) and adds enough pulpy, 70s era grit to make the experience an frequently enjoyable and cinematically palatable one. The savagery of Derek’s retaliation is indeed hard-to-take, but Sun intersperses these bloody exchanges with scenes of a duo of dedicated detectives finally closing in on the culprit and some bizarrely enjoyable exchanges between Derek and his family members and friends.

Daddy's Little Girl Photo TwoGranted, Derek’s discovery of the killer happens a bit too conveniently and the evidence he finds is too out-in-the-open to be quite believable. But these are small flaws in Sun’s relentless vision. Its starkness, though, gains distinct justification by the true-to-life headlines that chillingly decorate the closing credits of the film.

Assisted by a charming, ingeniously crafted performance by Christian Radford as Derek’s roguish brother Tommy, Daddy’s Little Girl is a powerful mixture of grindhouse cinema and real life crime, well worth seeking out by the truly strong at heart.

You can keep up-to-date with Breaking Glass Pictures at and The forces behind Daddy’s Little Girl post frequently at, as well.

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