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Orville in Orbit

Published May 13, 2017 by biggayhorrorfan

Orville in Orbit

You don’t always need a time machine to revisit the past. Sometimes you just need a determined director…and an even stronger fan base! Coming in on the latter stretch, exploitation auteur Jim Wynorski has recently announced plans for a sequel to the early ‘90s cult classic Hard to Die.

Hard to Die, connected to The Slumber Party Massacre series via its reuse of footage and plotlines from the original film, is perhaps one of the most notable projects of the VHS and direct to cable era. Luxuriating in that period’s excesses by taking place in a shopping mall as a bevy of gorgeous women do inventory in a lingerie store, the film reintroduced the audience to the hapless Orville, a misunderstood lug, compassionately played by character actor Peter Spellos. Orville, as many enthusiastic viewers can attest, had already been put through the ringer in the very similarly themed Sorority House Massacre II(AKA Nightie Nightmare). HardToDie

Honing in on Spellos’ popularity, the new film will be titled Orville in Orbit. Naturally, Spellos will be returning along with HTD’s original actresses, Deborah Dutch, Melissa Moore and Gail Thackery (Harris), who were all important figures in the initial, genuine reign of the Scream Queens.

More information on the project is available at


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Astro Radio Z Takes (Off) Vice Academy 3 and 4

Published September 26, 2015 by biggayhorrorfan

vice academy 4
Have you been…feeling mightier than the Joker? Ready to pop your anvil to the max? Humming Blondie’s Atomic nonstop, for days?!?

Well, then you are definitely ready to take on the latest episode of Astro Radio Z, where the wonders of early 90s T and A crime comedies Vice Academy 3 and Vice Academy 4 are, lovingly and pitifully, examined.

Featuring a bevy of VHS goddesses, such as Ginger Lynn Allen, Darcy DeMoss, Julia Parton and Deborah Dutch, these films should be scintillating time-wasters. But are they?

Join host Derrick Carey and the boys (including myself) and find out!

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The Hollywood Warrioress: On the Chicago Set!

Published January 23, 2015 by biggayhorrorfan

debbie hollywood
Are you having an Up All Night with Rhonda Shear flashback? Well, you should be! One of the famed and original queens of scream, the eternally divine Deborah Dutch (Sorority Girls and the Creature from Hell, Hard to Die, Vice Academy series), has been working on her dream project The Hollywood Warrioress (with a variety of behind-the-scenes contributors) for over the past year.

While the film, a combination of super heroine vengeance, horror and action, has shot most of its footage in (and around) LA, the East Coast and Midwest have, also, been used as locations. In fact, one very chilly March day in 2014, I gathered with Chicago director and terror entrepreneur Chad Hawks to shoot a newsroom sequence for the film. h warrioress set 3

Was I excited? Sure! But, in a special case of behind-the-scenes madness, I almost didn’t make it to the studio where we shot. Like most creative types, I have a primary job that serves as my (ahem!) financial oasis. So, while I was finishing up my shift for the day, Chad set up the space. Needless to say, after I left work, I was totally unable to find a cab to get me to the location. As I set about to call one, my phone, naturally, died due to the (suddenly excessive) Midwest wind chill. Frantic, I ran back to my place of employment, plugged the phone in and tried to summon a cab from there. I couldn’t get through to a single cab company! I got in contact with Chad and we, quickly, decided that I’d take a nearby bus to a certain street where he would pick me up. He urged me to keep my phone on, as well, just in case he decided to come fetch me in route. It turns out we only had the filming space for a certain amount of time.

hw set 1I schlepped onto the bus with my backpack and (by now drooping) garment bag…where my phone promptly died again. Defeated, I turned it off, completely. Then, after, excitedly, getting off at the wrong stop and promptly hopping back onto the bus again, I flicked on my phone and discovered it had powered up again. At that very second, it rang. It was Chad. He was in his car, directly behind us. Flustered and unkempt, I hopped off that dusty yellow chariot at the next stop and got into Chad’s black sedan. After offering profuse apologies, we rushed onward.

At the spot, I discovered, once again, what a consummate professional and total trouper Chad is. Not only was the green screen we were going to film against ready to go, but he also had to help me make costume choices and style my recently cut hair into something I was (at least vaguely) happy with. He then allowed me to pound through the very florid, very fun dialogue a couple of times as a warm-up and then we set to filming. We worked through the material in a variety of tempos and Chad added a few, interesting visual flourishes. After checking to make sure the different takes all had sound, we then broke the set down and headed out for a much needed dinner celebration. hw 4

Now, would I have liked it much better, on the day itself, if everything had gone a bit more smoothly? Sure. But, as a writer type, I sure do love having a good story to tell and, with a year’s distance, I now can say I wouldn’t have had it any other way!

You can get a sneak peek at some of our efforts at:

Be sure to follow The Hollywood Warrioress, which recently had a highly successful preview showing in LA, at More screening dates should be announced soon.

Fun samples of Chad’s video work (including a bevy of celebrity interviews and profiles) is, also, available at

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Saturday Scream Queen Flashback: Deborah Dutch, “Mind Twister”

Published October 19, 2013 by biggayhorrorfan

DD mind twister-1994

Do you long for those good old days (in the late 80s and early 90s) when flicks by Wynorski, Corman, Schmoeller and DeCoteau were always popping up on cable, featuring appearances by the video box ladies that we all grew to love? As the Bloody Goddess can tell you, I certainly do! So, let’s re-visit a classic, now!

debbie mind twisterProving that no one made (or makes) an entrance quite like her, DVD doll Deborah Dutch resonates, mightily in the first moments of Fred Olen Ray’s gritty 1994 effort Mind Twister. Though the film features everyone from Telly Savalas to Richard Roundtree, it is Dutch’s portrayal of the doomed Sheila Harrison in the opening moments that, ultimately, counts the most here.

Struggling against a demented transgressor, Dutch/Harrison eventually loses her life in a glass splattering frenzy. Though quickly dispatched, Dutch makes every second matter, providing the film with its most memorable moments. Her obvious stage training bursts forth – even as Harrison flies through the air to her doom.

What more can one say than that?mindtwister2

Well, except be sure to check out Dutch’s latest (and greatest) project The Hollywood Warrioress at

And look back, here, for future Saturday Scream Queen Flashbacks.

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Deborah Dutch Saves the World as the Hollywood Warrioress!

Published October 2, 2013 by biggayhorrorfan

Whenever I wake up, bloodied and dangling from a cliff, wearing only my Miley Cyrus underwear, I often wonder why there isn’t someone around to help me out! Well, count my worries as being over, for amazing genre icon Deborah Dutch (Hard to Die, Sorority Girls and the Creature from Hell, Graduation Day) has created the heroine to end all heroines, the Hollywood Warrioress.

Long a dream project of the vibrant Dutch, this action-fantasy flick (with heart) has recently completed filming. The generous Dutch has begun sharing clips from the project and, here, are a couple scenarios to whet your appetite:

Be sure to check back often for more on Dutch and the Hollywood Warrioress.

And, as always, Big Gay Horror Fan is fawning over the female legends of scream at!

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