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Music to Make Horror Movies By: Barbara Stanwyck

Published September 8, 2019 by biggayhorrorfan

Barbara The House.jpg

One of the most distinctive and skilled of the golden age performers, Barbara Stanwyck excelled in dramas (Stella Dallas, My Reputation), gritty noir classics (Double Indemnity, The File on Thelma Jordan) and comedy (Ball of Fire, Christmas in Connecticut). Several of the films that she embraced with her throaty presence in the ‘40s and ‘50s, including the tautly melodramatic Two Mrs. Carrolls and the chilling Sorry, Wrong Number, also featured significant elements of the horror canon.

Nicely, she fully embraced the genre in such latter day projects as William Castle’s The Night Walker and ‘70s television films like A Touch of Evil and The House That Would Not Die (above).

As with many silver screen damsels with numerous credits, a percentage of her saucy, hardened characters sang. Occasionally, she was dubbed by more skilled vocalists. But with projects such as the fun and frisky Lady of Burlesque, her own whisky tones were allowed to sell the tune.

Nicely, https://www.barbara-stanwyck.com/, a fan created site, plays eternal homage to this one of a kind icon and golden throat nominee.

Lady of burlesque

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Music to Make Horror Movies By: Jane Summerhays

Published May 12, 2019 by biggayhorrorfan

Jane Summerhays

One of Broadway’s true treasures, Jane Summerhays also brought her vital energy to Let the Games Begin, a third season episode of the George Romero created anthology series Tales From The Darkside.

Of course, Summerhays frequently gave veteran theater goers the chills. Who can forget her amazing work with Ann Miller in Sugar Babies and Eartha Kitt in The Wild Party? No one, that’s who!!!

Nicely, the footage below shows her in her prime from the original production of A Chorus Line.

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Sugar Babies1.jpg

Bloody Wonderful Burlesque with The Fischer Bodies!

Published December 13, 2013 by biggayhorrorfan

As hard as I’ve begged those (elitist) winos in my alleyway to come up to my studio and watch me as bop around in a blood leather thong to my vinyl collection of terror film soundtracks – they ALWAYS refuse.fischer

Probably because, unlike the astounding Flint, Michigan based, horror courting burlesque troupe, The Fischer Bodies – I have NO talent. But this amazing group of individuals, included ultra-fantastic gyrate legends like Dish DeLish and Twiggy Boylust, are full of gothic-tinged wonder. Past shows have included zombie mash-ups and this weekend marks their Rocky Horror Picture Show holiday show. For more information be sure to follow them at http://www.facebook.com/thefischerbodies !

Gorgeous (and charismatic) company member Dish DeLish, also, has her own FB page. Be sure to follow this Pinup Creations winner (Ms. November 2013) at https://www.facebook.com/DishDelishPinUp, as well!delish

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