The Backside of Horror: Landon Liboiron in “Hemlock Grove”

Published June 4, 2013 by biggayhorrorfan

Liboiron fires up for The Howling!

Liboiron fires up for The Howling!

The up and coming Landon Liboiron has been going to the wolves since his bespectacled turn in 2011’s The Howling: Reborn. There, as the artistic Will, Liboiron fights against his hairier instincts and the overwhelming power of his seductively villianous mother, played by Ivana Milcevic.

Landon Liboiron 09But as the rough hewn gypsy Peter Rumancek in the original Netflix series Hemlock Grove (2013), Liboiron completely accepts his inner werewolf (with the help of scrappy mommy, Lynda, played by the stellar Lili Taylor). Thankfully, for sharp clawed viewers, this has allowed the committed Liboiron to go all ‘David Naughton’ on our behalf as he exposes his butt cheeks in a transformation sequence (early on in the proceedings) and during a seduction scene with the beguiling Penelope Mitchell (a bit later on in the show’s chronology).

Roman and 'Momma' watch Peter transform!

Roman and ‘Momma’ watch Peter transform!

Interestingly, as Roman Godfrey, the town’s resident bad boy, actor Bill Skarsgård presents a character whose love for Liboiron’s Rumancek just might go beyond the awkward embraces of bro-mance. Although, the only physical evidence of this is Godfrey-Skarsgård’s anguish at Rumancek’s (seeming) abandoning betrayal at the show’s (13 episode) conclusion.

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