Thriller Review: Our Paradise

Published March 23, 2013 by biggayhorrorfan

Our Paradise2
As Big Gay Horror Fan and his pink posse (Apocalyptic Kitten, Deadly Johnson) troll the cobweb strewn, cobblestone streets of our remote Transylvanian village, there is only one thing that we’ve discovered – we’re getting older!

our-paradiseUnfortunately, Vassili, the aging hustler at the center of Gael Morel’s recent French language thriller Our Paradise, is experiencing the same thing. While still virile and handsome, Vassili is finding that his kinky Parisian clients are gradually looking for thrills among the younger set. After one such encounter, filled with unconscionable violence, Vassili happens upon a beaten youth, an assumed victim of cruising warfare. When the mysterious young man will not reveal his past or true age, Vassili christens him Angelo. Soon, the two find themselves drawn into a torrid affair and they become partners in crime. Vassili can’t control his rage, though, and soon the duo, now desperately in love, are on the run. While dreaming of a perfect haven, the two visit Anna, an old friend of Vassili’s. Drawn to Anna’s young son, the couple’s dream of a fairytale life is threatened, once again, by Vassili’s anger (toward his older upper crust clients) and Angelo’s ultimate compliance.

Morel works with distinct beauty, here, creating a nightmare landscape of often haunting sexuality. Much like Badlands (in which Sissy Spacek falls in with Martin Sheen’s charismatic murderer), Stephane Rideau brings much sensitivity to his brutish Vassili. The tenderness he shows toward Dimitri Durdaine’s Angelo, draws you into his world despite his repellant qualities. Durdaine, meanwhile, is a brilliantly smooth cipher, causing Rideau both joy and sorrow. Morel seems to reason that youthful energy is a golden factor, yet a severe case of the Peter Pan Syndrome can have tragic overtones, as well.our-paradise3

You can watch the trailer for Our Paradise, which also features an elusive appearance from frequent European horror vixen Beatrice Dalle (Inside, Trouble Every Day, Betty Blue), here:

Breaking Glass Pictures, which released Our Paradise on February 19th, 2013, can be found at or, as well.

Until the next time – SWEET love and pink GRUE, Big Gay Horror Fan – who is always cruising around at <>, too!

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