Review: The Leaf Blower Massacre

Published February 21, 2013 by biggayhorrorfan

“Do you see that?”
“Yeah, but I don’t know what the ‘ho-ho’ that is.” – Doomed couple, The Leaf Blower Massacre

The melding of that ancient Doberman pincher and the top shelf of that rickety bookcase in Big Gay Horror Fan’s 8th grade shop class had absolutely nothing to do with a leaf blower. Swear! (It was actually probably because of the escaped mad scientist who was hired to teach that lab).

But thankfully, director/writer Anthony Cooney and co-producer/co-writer Josh Stephenson’s 12 minute The Leaf Blower Massacre is all about the mass destruction and murder caused by that titular instrument. Cooney finds hilarious ways to make a fairly innocuous garden tool into a weapon of mass slaughter while also playing homage to the 80’s video age and taking some mild jabs at misogyny in film, as well.

The film’s opening sequence is its proudest achievement with a truly funny kill scenario taking place in broad daylight in a nicely manicured city neighborhood. But, all the aspects of this adventurous short are well executed –from the soundtrack to the editing to the sharp witted surprise ending.

Impressively, the seemingly nonprofessional cast is also pretty on target – with everyone coming off fairly naturally. There is little of the awkward interplay here that usually comes from casting family and friends.

Be sure to keep up with all of the mind shattering garden mayhem of The Leaf Blower Massacre (which is currently riding the waves of various movie festivals) at!/pages/Theleafblowermassacre!

Big Gay Horror Fan, meanwhile, is always welcoming lovers of vicious lawn implements at!/BigGayHorrorFan, as well!

Until the next time – SWEET love and pink GRUE, Big Gay Horror Fan!

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