Johnny Dagger’s Perfect Dagger Vision!

Published December 2, 2012 by biggayhorrorfan

dagger vision
Catch him in the right frame of mind and Big Gay Horror Fan can resist almost anything – from white frosting filled éclairs to a day at the gym. But deny a talented, multi-pierced, tattooed hottie? Not even when I am filled with UTMOST resolve.

johnny daggers

So, I have fallen freely into the world of Johnny Daggers and his Pittsburgh based production company Dagger Vision. Along with partner Brian Cottington, Daggers has created such blood fueled epics as Samhain: Night Feast (voted “Most Well Received” at Tim Gross’ 2010 Short Film Fest), the full length bone busting Caustic Zombies and groovy looking (Cottington directed) anthology flick Tablet of Tales.

Take a look at the Tablet of Tales trailer at:

Then be sure to follow the further adventures of Dagger Vision (and buy their chop licking goodies) at:

Big Gay Horror Fan is always on the prowl for wayward drama students at!/BigGayHorrorFan, as well!

Until the next time – SWEET love and pink GRUE! – Big Gay Horror Fan!!

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