Modern Exploitation Review: Mediatrix

Published November 15, 2012 by biggayhorrorfan

Still nursing his lifelong scars from his incarceration in Mother Superior’s School of Studded Whips and Stigmatic Chains, Big Gay Horror, very obviously, found much to enjoy in incisive director Cory J. Udler’s 2011 offering Mediatrix!

The scalding, sharp script by Paula Duerkson (along with an assist from Ulder) details the ‘reformation’ of small town prostitute Mary Van Hook (a fearless Duerkson). A former child prophet, Van Hook returns to the fold with a vengeance upon meeting meek Carrie Brackett (an astoundingly committed Kaylee Williams). Discovering that Brackett’s husband was the man that abused her as a child, Mary soon sets an insidious grifter’s plot in motion, causing the ultimate downfall of a small town’s religious hierarchy while assuring her rise to power, as well. Mary’s main support system, you ask? A coke snorting, alcohol loving, rape inducing Virgin Mary!

Using an astounding found soundtrack and emotional video style montages, Udler gets at the heart of the flick’s damaged leading lady while, incisively and rebelliously, tearing at the walls of hypocrisy. This is powerful work, not for the faint of heart and, most assuredly, a good amount of spuriously rejected religiousness does well for one’s viewing experience, as a whole.

Meanwhile, Duerkson finds her perfect acting companion in Shannon Lark (Psychic Experiment, 2009 Fangoria spokeswoman) and her ecstatic performance as the very down and dirty saint Mary. Greg Johnson (Udler’s Incest Death Squad regular) shows off some different shades of his acting abilities as Van Hook’s handicapped stooge Stu while Tom Lodewyck is both passionate and humbled as one of Van Hook’s ardent foes. Male eye candy is, also, supplied in spades by Matt Ukena’s Wyatt, Mary’s working class trick. Ukena (whom has been building an impressive fright flick resume) has true presence and vitality (and freaking awesome abs!!), making the most of his belligerent role, here.

Ultimately, Duerkson and Udler create dark, twisted beauty with Mediatrix, making for a scintillating artistic journey for those smart enough to take it.

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Until the next time – SWEET love and pink GRUE, Big Gay Horror Fan!

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