Frankenhooker’s Patty Mullen: A Singular Sensation!

Published September 11, 2012 by biggayhorrorfan

Actress-model Patty Mullen is down-to-earth and fun – a real sweetheart. And — until the day she dies, she will always be known as Frankenhooker, the title character in Frank Henenlotter’s 1990 myth shattering take on the Frankenstein monster! To celebrate her upcoming appearance at the screening of Frankenhooker during Terror in the Aisles 12 (!/events/419623818079724/) in Chicago on Friday, September 14th, Mullen took a moment to talk with Big Gay Horror Fan about her most famous role, her first scream appearance in Doom Asylum and the haunting fact that men can just love you and leave you. Don’t believe me? Read on!

BGHF: Patty, you began as a model. What was the progression from that to your first feature Doom Asylum?

PATTY: The progression to Doom Asylum? You know, I heard about the part. I went in and read for them. Then we went to the insane asylum and it happened fast. We shot that movie fast.

BGHF: How was the shoot, overall, then?

PATTY: The shoot was a lot of fun. You can imagine – wondering around that place. You didn’t want to go too far, believe me. It was a good experience.

BGHF: And your co-star Kristin Davis (Sex and the City) went onto such big things! Talk about martinis in Manhattan!

PATTY: Yes, Kristin. She was such a sweetheart.

BGHF: So, on to Frankenhooker! It seems like Frank Henenlotter did some turn and burn filmmaking in his early projects. Was there any of that in the Times Square sequences in Frankenhooker?

Patty: No, I think he got permits for everything.

BGHF: So, it wasn’t guerilla filmmaking?

PATTY: Right.

BGHF: What impresses me the most about Frankenhooker is that it stands in a long line of outsider entertainment: Mary Shelley, a teenage girl created the monster; James Whale, a gay man popularized it with his film versions in the 30’s. Then in the 1990’s Frankenhooker, comes along with a quirky, sexy feminist take on the whole story.

PATTY: Right, right. I know! I talked to Frank recently and I said you’ve got to make another Frankenhooker. He said I can’t. There’s nowhere to go with it. — There’s got to be somewhere to go with it!

BGHF: Well, maybe we should have a contest – anyone who can figure out where to take Frankenhooker can contact us, now! The film is yours! (Laughs) Or talk to Frank! Give him some inspiration!

PATTY: Yeah!

BGHF: Actually, one of my buddies, Phil Meenan, is a Frankenstein connoisseur and he has a tattoo of Frankenhooker on his skull.

PATTY: You know him? He’s so great. You know, I was sitting all by myself. He comes marching up – not even blinking – I think he even had boots on. And he’s looking at me, right in the eye. Like tunnel vision, you know. And I’m thinking UH OH! And all of sudden, he spins around and there it is on the back of his head. That’s a beautiful tattoo.

BGHF: It is!

PATTY: He took a lot of pictures of me standing next to his head.

BGHF: I know! I’ve seen them! So, did your appearance on Equalizer come before Frankenhooker or after?

PATTY: No, that’s way, way before. It was just a very short scene.

BGHF: Did you work with the distinguished Edward Woodward on that?

PATTY: No. I worked with Philip Bosco, kissing him. In a taxi and then he gets out and I ask him are you coming over tonight? And that was it.

BGHF: See, they kiss you and they run away. You can’t trust men.

PATTY: I tell ya’!

BGHF: You don’t have to. I know, I know. But, speaking of co-stars – was there anyone that you worked with on Frankenhooker that stands out in your head?

PATTY: Well, if you look at the movie, I was by myself most of the time. Unless, I was with (co-star) James Lorinz, I was parts in the freezer (laughs). With James, it was always easy. He was great. Otherwise, I was pretty much by myself, just pushing people out of the way a lot. Stomping over people!

BGHF: Did that get lonely for you?

PATTY: No, not at all. Always out of the corner of my eye, I could see Frank. He always told me what to do. And there were always so many people around, so you’re really not alone. I don’t have much dialogue with anybody or anything like that.

BGHF: You are a singular sensation!

PATTY: Why, thank you! I bet you say that to all the girls!

BGHF: Well, all a gay man has is his charm! It’s the one thing, we have! So lastly, any words of wisdom – any advice for the fans? Don’t hang out with mad scientists?

PATTY: Yeah, that’s perfect! There you go! Don’t hang out with mad scientists! That’s it.

BGHF: So, there you have it, right from Patty! Stay away from fat suits and creepy dudes, y’all!

Be sure to keep up with the divine Ms. Mullen at!/officialpattymullenfanpage – while Big Gay Horror Fan is always acting like a mad scientist at!/BigGayHorrorFan, as well.

Check back each Monday as Big Gay Horror Fan dives into a new feminine fancy of horror –

And until the next time – SWEET love and pink GRUE!

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