Entering the Fabulous Creepout of KreepyLady Kristin!

Published August 9, 2012 by biggayhorrorfan

As Big Gay Horror Fan lounges on his Scooby Doo bean bag with a pink tutu wrapped around his neck in his basement rec room in his third floor studio apartment in the heart of Chicago and contemplates his treasures – the friendship of Kreepylady Kristin is one of the things that he ultimately holds most dear. The amazing Kreepylady has been one of the primary forces behind the Midwest horror community in recent years and our fey, terror loving cad was thrilled that that this brisk dish took a moment from her freakishly awesome schedule for a chat. So, fasten your skull stained belts, because here we go!

BGHF: What first got you immersed in the bloody brilliant world of horror – an Uncle with an axe fetish – a female gym teacher who sounded exactly like Freddy Krueger – What!!??!!

KK: I really don’t have a short answer for that. It’s hard to pinpoint any moment that changed my way of life. For me, it was a natural progression over time, starting with trick-or-treating as a kid. I loved haunted houses, but they scared the hell out of me. It all seemed perfectly real. People really were grabbing me, pulling my hair, and I even got caught on a nail while in a dark crawlspace once. My dad volunteered at one for the Jaycees. His makeup petrified me. He also forbid me from watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre with him, and the sound of the saw revving drove me nuts. WHAT WAS I MISSING?!? As a teenager, an age when it wasn’t cool to go trick-or-treating anymore, I started having slumber parties. The girls were irritated that I always rented six horror movies and forced them to stay up watching them. ROTLD was mandatory. When I got into ceramics, it was only enjoyable to make weird or creepy things. Screw pots. I got into sculpting, and a major influence on the results was Skinny Puppy’s “Too Dark Park” album. It’s fitting, as they used to sample the hell out of horror movies. It’s so fun to watch something and catch the sample. Everything I cared about came together to form my love for horror.

BGHF: That’s awesome! Do you have a favorite style or genre of horror and what are some of your favorite flicks?

KK: I’m not particularly biased towards any subgenre, but the ones that give me the most glee are body horror films. From Henenlotter to Gordon to Cronenberg. I enjoy art house horror a lot, too. I’m all about great visuals and eccentric plots. The weirder, the better. My favorite zombie film is Fulci’s ZOMBIE. I have a soft spot for ’80s horror. Oh, and I could watch Peter Jackson’s DEAD ALIVE every single day and not get sick of it. ALICE, SWEET ALICE, THE MAN WHO LAUGHS, NIGHTBREED, ROTLD, MANIAC, THE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE, various forms of exploitation-horror, all the Universal Monsters classics… The list goes on forever.

BGHF: Terrific mentions! What led you to begin Chicago Creepster and what is the status of that event site as of today?

KK: When I first moved to Chicago 15 years ago, there weren’t any horror groups organizing event outings like there are now. I wanted more of a community feeling, but didn’t know what to do about it. Years later, someone gave me great advice. He said that if you’re unhappy with the way things are in your community, change it. It doesn’t hurt to try. So, I created the Yahoo! group – there wasn’t one for horror in Chicago – and it seems pretty handy to have local event news going directly to your email. It helps anyone that’s too busy to scour numerous websites/papers for information. It’s work. Posts focus on festivals, dark art shows, free movie screenings, macabre plays, etc. We used to have movie meet ups, but I think the invention of Facebook (Events Pages) pretty much killed that. It’s also become the official group for http://darkchicago.com/. I started Creepster back in 2006, so we’re edging in on the sixth year now! : http://groups.yahoo.com/group/chicagocreepster/

BGHF: You’ve, also, recently begun a column called Chicago Creepout. Can you tell us a little about that?

KK: The Chicago Creepout is another endeavor that I decided to try and see how it pans out. If people read your stuff – great. If they don’t, well at least you’re getting practice and entertaining yourself. It’s kind of an offshoot of the Creepster group, but in more detail and it hits a much wider audience as it’s a blog on ChicagoNow.com. I plan to add interviews with members of the local horror community, especially those I’ve personally seen bust their ass to make things as great as they are. Having a very active horror community makes it harder to get people to commit to events because they just figure they’ll catch the next one. Understandable. However, when there are hardly any takers for the smaller, free events, it becomes a head-scratcher. I realized there are all kinds of people who enjoy horror movies; they just aren’t necessarily diehard like us. More than likely, they aren’t hitting the horror-specific websites out there. I’d just like to entice more people around the city to come to the events, and realize what they’ve been missing. 😉 http://www.chicagonow.com/chicago-creepout

BGHF: Perfect! Finally, what upcoming events, films, what-have-you are you most excited about in the horror world at the moment?

KK: I’m pretty excited for Flashback Weekend Horror Con this weekend, Terror in the Aisles in September, as well as HorrorHound Weekend. It would be nice to finally meet Elvira. As for movies, I’m curious about LORDS OF SALEM. It’s the last film Richard Lynch did before he passed away. I’m also very excited for FRANKENSTEIN’S ARMY, whenever the heck that shall be unleashed upon our retinas!

BGHF: Awesome! Thanks so much, KreepyLady! Until the next time – SWEET love and pink GRUE! And be sure to check Big Gay Horror Fan out at http://www.facebook.com/#!/BigGayHorrorFan, too!

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