Strange Sex: A Strange Anthology

Published August 3, 2012 by biggayhorrorfan

“The once flat and toned stomach was now a swollen patchwork of oozing burns and ragged gouges…A woman this fine, you had to romance a little.” – Mike Lombardo, Appetites.

Until recently Big Gay Horror Fan thought there were two ways to have sex – awake or asleep. Thankfully, with Strange House Books incredibly inventive anthology Strange Sex, I now know how truly wrong I was.

This juicy book includes tales of dinosaur love, bed bug obsession, airport pat downs gone seriously wrong (or right, depending on your way of thinking) and scenarios that combine Lovecraft , Clive Barker and hardcore gore in seriously nasty ways.

Most importantly, all of the pieces from (editor) Kevin Strange’s Cotton Candy to Elizadeth Hetherington’s Deth Morgue are not only inventive and skillfully laid out, but seriously well written, as well.

Most impressive, perhaps, is the work of D.F. Noble who imagines God as a bride stealing sex maniac with a legion of vengeful husbands, dutifully, hunting him down (Interloper) while the superior Foreigner imagines an omni-sexual alien invader who rips through men, women, teenagers and friendly canines with character driven delight.

Strange Sex: A Strange Anthology is available for purchase at:

You can, also, keep up with all the awesome convention appearances and other slightly crazed activity of Strange House Books at:!/strangehousebooks

Find out about other scarily big gay happenings with Big Gay Horror Fan @!/BigGayHorrorFan

And until next time – SWEET love and pink GRUE – Big Gay Horror Fan

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