Music to Make Horror Films By: The Baby Magic’s Whoopsy Daisy

Published July 22, 2012 by biggayhorrorfan

Containing elements of No Wave, New Wave, performance art and the glorious creative insanity of such front women as Patti Smith, Excene Cervenka, Kim Gordon and (even) Missing Person’s Dale Bozzio, The Baby Magic’s first official CD release, Whoopsy Daisy, is a propulsive wonder.

Charmingly haunted by issues of sexuality, body image and the absurdities of day-to-day existence, front woman Mary Beth Brennan, right hand man Patrick Coleman and drummer, Drummer, make every jarring sound convergence sound like pure pop magic. Meanwhile Brennan’s singular world view gathers in your eager ears before bouncing straight into your skull, where the band’s lyrics remain, leaving plenty of room for thought.

Brennan and crew do such an amazing job of exploring the powers of the body and the failures of its questioning mind that songs such as Mommy take you straight back to the days when you, tremblingly, believed that stepping on a crack could break your mother’s back. That aura of fear and expectant wonder is perfectly captured in this brilliant three minute (or so) run.

Meanwhile, aggressively exploring female sexuality and playfully tearing apart the notion that enjoying sex and all its vagaries is a societal wrong, songs such as Ass Against My Hands, Empty Sex and See Means Yes are filled with memorable melodies and lines and are seemingly placement ready for any upcoming terror rides from director/producers such as Jennifer Blanc, Danielle Harris, Amy Lynn Best and Devi Snively.

Ultimately, what is most compelling is how, with Whoopsy Daisy, the band shows not only the beauty inherent in opening one’s self up to the world, but also the scariness involved with those delicate actions, as well.

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