Terror in the Aisles 11

Published July 21, 2012 by biggayhorrorfan

Usually Big Gay Horror Fan feels like such a pin head in public — you know, like why the f–k did I do that — but being a Pinhead was totally a cool thing on Friday, July 13th in Chicago. That was when Movieside Productions presented Terror in the Aisles 11, honoring the amazing achievements of genre visionary Clive Barker, by featuring the restored Cabal Cut of Nightbreed, Hellraiser and Candyman.

Of course, the coolest of the horror ghoulies were there – including (above) blogger/entrepeneur Kreepylady Kristin (www.chicagonow.com/chicago-creepout) and lady of many talents, Kirsten Pfeiffer (aka my one and only Apocalyptic Kitten)!

Aly Renee Amidei, Artistic Director of Wildclaw Theatre, and crew were out in seismic force to promote their upcoming show, <em>The Life of Death, based on one of Barker’s probing works. Wildclaw is one of the premium theatrical companies devoted to works of fright – give them a haunted look at www.wildclawtheatre.com.

Ah, is that a heavenly body of horror I witness above me – or is that the luscious Lix from Lix Online? Well, its both! This is a woman who can rock a mean hula hoop, bake a delicious cookie and counts a t-shirt from Italian gore cheese-fest Rats among her items for sale! Perfection? Perhaps. Find out for sure at www.lixonline.com.

Here, eclectic Nightbreed actress Anne Bobby hangs with one of the scare community’s most original and completely talented artists, the awesome Chris Kuchta. Chris’ pieces seem to breathe with a liquid intensity. Don’t believe me? Prove yourself wrong by diving into his wicked world at www.horrorartist.com.

Of course, the whole event was made all the more spectacular by the presence of Nightbreed: Cabal Cut preservationist Russell Cherrington and the already mentioned Anne Bobby. Here, a certain familiar ear tugging someone interviews these two brilliant talents on stage after the screening of this re-worked masterpiece. Brilliantly compiled from VHS sources, some admittedly weak in quality, this new version of Nightbreed features some amazing revelations: Bobby’s character fronts a rock band and has a truly psychic connection with a young member of the Nightbreed that results in a fantastic backstory for that faithful, undead crew.

You can make sure Cherrington’s hard work sees a deserved light of day by visiting www.occupymidian.com.

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Until the next time – SWEET love and pink GRUE — Big Gay Horror Fan!!

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