Heiress Horror.

Published July 7, 2012 by biggayhorrorfan

Rich, beautiful, traumatized. Big Gay Horror knows – well, nothing about those. Except for maybe that last one. But as for beautiful sophisticates Barbara Parkins, Lori Saunders and Kathleen Beller? Well, they all played nervous monied lasses whose family and loved ones tried to drive them just a bit bonkers in the below, wild and wacky heiress horrors!

In 1971’s A Taste of Evil, Parkins returns home after nine years of therapy, to find herself haunted by visions of a stalking mad man. Is it a ghost – or is it momma? For her part, Parkins plays comatose fear well, and Barbara Stanwyck glowers with vain evil as her jealous mother. What is most interesting here is how issues of rape and pedophilia are addressed without ever being expressly stated.

Shimmeringly gorgeous Saunders is another lovely returning from the asylum in 1973’s Visions of Evil (AKA So Sad About Gloria). Described as featuring “the romance of Love Story with the terror of Psycho” – this film obviously compares to neither of those classics.
But, it does contain a grainy, low budget drive-in vibe and Saunders looks positively glorious being emotionally abused by her ‘concerned’ husband.

Lastly, Beller plays a sculptress whose evil stepmother tries to drive her crazy – and out of her fortune in 1981’s No Place to Hide. Containing plotline twists that closely resemble A Taste of Evil, this telepic features a mysteriously ominious ending and was, perhaps, most notable for the sunny Mariette Hartley, best known then for a series of cherry camera commercials with James Garner, playing a very twisted and manipulative matriarch.

For those interested, A Taste of Evil is available in it’s entirety at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uz0h3UNbELE !

Otherwise, watch out for you bank accounts and your sanity, sweeties!

And until the next time –

Sweet love and pink Grue,

Big Gay Horror Fan

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