Girl Heroes: The Vengeful Spirits of Anika Noni Rose and Cynda Williams.

Published July 3, 2012 by biggayhorrorfan

While Big Gay Horror Fan cringes at all the shrieking children and pouting lovers that he encounters on a daily basis, he imagines if you actually lost one or the other that you might get a bit cranky. Hence, honors for Girl Heroes of the week go to the gorgeous and glorious Anika Noni Rose and the always incandescent Cynda Williams for their portrayals of some pretty nasty revenge seeking spirits.

In the 2011 television mini-series Bag of Bones, Rose brings a powerful sensuality and glorious rage to her ghostly jazz and blues singer, Sara Tidwell. Raped by a group of well-to-do cads in a small town, Rose’s Tidwell is forced to listen to the last gasping breaths of her drowning daughter before having her skull bashed in. Pretty, no? And with the help of skilled director Mick Garris (who actually seems to feel the loss of Pierce Brosnan’s primary widower character), Rose (whom, brilliantly, recorded an EP as Tidwell to promote the film) allows a simmering brutality to seethe throughout her curses and within the poltergeist like actions she uses to carry them out. You understand and fear her, all at once.

Meanwhile, in 1996’s Spirit Lost (, Williams’ love sore Arabella conjures up some major sheet stained magic on the frequently shirtless Leon. Abandoned to die, years before, by her white slave trader lover, Arabella eventually finds comfort in a reverse Entity scenario when Leon and wife purchase the house in which she haunts. Radiating with a moist fervor, Williams is beautiful and deadly, a perfect role model for those who like a little vengeance with their heartbreak.

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Sweet love and pink Grue,

Big Gay Horror Fan

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