June’s Horrible July Christmas List

Published June 30, 2012 by biggayhorrorfan

The world knows Big Gay Horror Fan loves his presents – so screw Christmas in July – Here’s Christmas on the last day of June with a bunch of cool offerings.

All around awesome, horror loving dude Billy Renner has a new band, Billy3(above). His tunes embrace the rockabilly aspects of fandom including a lot of horror and Science Fiction references, so be sure to grease ‘em up and check him out at:

StrangeHouse Books has an awesome compilation out – Strange Sex: A Strange Anthology. I was supposed to review the actual book, but lost the link in a fit of uncontrolled email deleting! (Blonde fingers, y’all!) But, I am doing my part by pushing this throbbing, sensuous and truly grotesque sucker (with some incredible cover art) here!

Hormonal Activity is a new queer horror short with tons of gay and bi actors/characters, so check it out at:

And if you aren’t out of breath, give another horror film, Make Believe Time, an FB ‘like’ here:
Until next time, Sweet love and pink Grue, Big Gay Horror Fan

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