Girl Hero: The Final Chapter’s Kimberly Beck

Published June 26, 2012 by biggayhorrorfan

How wretchedly Big Gay Horror Fan remembers the day when, shrieking, he watched as his younger brother axed a maniacal, never stopping killer in the head!

Wait. I am confusing myself with this week’s fabulous Girl Hero, Kimberly Beck from Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter. Again!

And while she may be best known to blood fiends as Trish in that seminal slasher sequel, Beck’s career actually began as a youngster and includes an appearance in Alfred Hitchcock’s Marnie and a hit pop single as a teen in Australia.

Beck, whom for awhile was actually Paris Hilton’s aunt by marriage, also claims further genre credits with such films as the cult hit Massacre at Central High and the Wings Hauser vehicle Nightmare at Noon among her many accomplishments. She has, also, collaborated with such as directors as Luc Besson (The Big Blue) and her co-stars haved included Linda Blair (Roller Boogie), Anthony Perkins (In the Deep Woods), Jimmy Stewart (The FBI Story) and Morticia herself, Carolyn Jones (the soap opera Capital).

Most impressively, she has, also, made a series of cameo appearances sing with pep – whether it is a screaming mother in the blockbuster Independence Day or a perky secretary in mid-range horror flick Playroom.

Most gloriously, her appearance as Piety Beecham (LOVE –THAT – NAME!) in the Charles Bronson epic Messenger of Death is to die for! Dressed in her frontier best, Beck gives her all as a member of a religious sect whom, eyes blazing in terror, enters the opening scene and is immediately assassinated! Role – – done! But — who wouldn’t want to say that they played the equivalent of a religious martyr in an over-the-top Chuck flick?!? That is why we freaks love these movies — and is a prime reason why Kimberly Beck IS the Girl Hero for ALL ages! I researched!

Be sure to check back for a new Girl Hero every Monday!

Sweet love and pink Grue,

Big Gay Horror Fan

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