Girl Hero(es): Laura Jane Grace and Ajita Wilson

Published June 11, 2012 by biggayhorrorfan

Seeing as there can be no greater emotional horror than feeling like you are trapped in a stranger’s body (just an honest moment’s thought would bring responses like rage, confusion, self hate and depression into your heads), Big Gay Horror Fan celebrates Laura Jane Grace as his Girl Hero on this blazingly hot, totally progressive Monday.

Born Tom Gabel in 1980, Laura has led politically charged punk-pop band Against Me! since 1997. While creating such propulsive masterpieces as “Miami” and “Searching for a Former Clarity” (in which initial revelations of a transgender orientation were revealed), Grace ignored increasing feelings of gender dysphoria by concentrating on touring, marriage and fatherhood.

But, finally beginning a public transition process with the support of her wife and many fans (who rallied her with joyous cries of “Laura, Laura, Laura” at a recent show, seen in miniature above, in Chicago), Laura has begun the heroic path to self acceptance and, torpedoes and closed minds of certain crowd surfers be damned, has proven herself to be the true essence of punk rock and what it’s all inclusive message should be.

Another gender trailblazer and Big Gay Horror Fan favorite was born George Wilson, reportedly around 1950 in New York City, but set the 70’s and 80’s European exploitation world on fire as the glamorous and majestic Ajita Wilson.

Acknowledged by those in the know as one of the premiere stars of Women in Prison flicks (with solid appearances in such flesh bearing epics as Escape From Hell, Hell Penitentiary and Sadomania), Wilson worked with such hedonistic maestros as Jess Franco (including 1983’s Macumbo Sexual)and Lucio Fulci (in 1980’s Contraband) and appeared in dozens of free-wheeling sexploitation epics, such as 1976’s The Nude Princess and 1977’s Black Aphrodite(

Although there seems to be some mystery and confusion about her life and true background, Wilson (who had her sex change in the mid-70’s and may be best known for 1985’s Savage Island which mashed up her Escape from Hell footage with new scenes featuring Linda Blair and Penn Jillette) is the true cinematic vanguard – someone who found cult success in an era when it wouldn’t have seemed possible.

A nice (slightly muddled) overview on Wilson is available at and you can keep up with Laura and Against Me! at

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And until next time, Sweet love and pink Grue!

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