Girl Hero: Killer Party’s Joanna Johnson

Published June 4, 2012 by biggayhorrorfan

Being possessed and coming out. Well, Big Gay Horror Fan can relate to one of those experiences, but lucky girl hero Joanna Johnson has had encounters with both and has emerged eternally shining.

Before soap stardom, as The Bold and the Beautiful’s innocent Caroline and her unknowing twin Karen, Johnson essayed bright and wholesome final girl Jennifer in 1986 cult slasher Killer Party. Well, final girl with a twist, as sweet Jennifer ends up possessed and wrecking savage mayhem in Killer Party’s juicy final act.

After her initial run(s) on The Bold and the Beautiful ended, the industriously talented Johnson went behind the cameras to produce films like Very Bad Things and to create the popular television show Hope and Faith.

Now, back before the cameras as Karen in The Bold and The Beautiful’s very first same sex storyline, Johnson has confirmed her own lesbianism ( ), publically, making the blood of Killer Party fans around the world flow with glorious excitement!

May you and yours live a life of many happy (un-possessing) soirees, grand Ms. Johnson!

Be sure to check back for a new Girl Hero every Monday –

And until next time, Sweet love and Pink Grue,

Big Gay Horror Fan

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