Getting the Hack/Slash on C2E2 Madness!

Published April 21, 2012 by biggayhorrorfan

Big Gay Horror Fan’s head is still spinning like Linda Blair in a blender from all the fabulous creative and visual stimula at last week’s C2E2 (aka Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo).

Here are some of the grand highlights (minus the pea soup, of course!):

This is Lauren Bitar, incredible cutie and the creative genius behind the adorable Kusuri Enterprises! I totally could have worked one of her fresh and funky raincoats biking through last Sunday night’s rain – although, a bright blue recycling bag did work wonders – and her funky rubberesque watches are pretty timely, as well! Keep up with all that Kusari originality at:

I hit the Tom Morello signing after leaving Lauren’s bright genius. This raging nightwatchman had a pretty great handshake and an awesome smile – although, I wish I’d asked him about working with queer rock legend Brian Grillo (Extra Fancy) in early band, Lock Up. Still, I touched the hand of a man who appeared in a cameo in Iron Man, so all is well in the land of groovy fandom.

Next, I got to appear on an awesome WildClaw Theater panel with John Pata and the crew of survivalist horror film, Dead Weight ( Here is a bunch of them at dinner, afterwards. This film has been getting great press and a BGHF review should be forthcoming, as well.

Of course, with a last name like Fan, I just had to have a few celebrity encounters:

Here, I am getting my intergalactic scruffy on with actor Herb Jefferson, Jr. Best known as Lt. Boomer on the original Battlestar Galactica series, Jefferson, also, appeared in early 1970’s exploitation flick Private Duty Nurses (which is receiving a deluxe reissue in the super cool Roger Corman series in the next month or so) and worked with such theatrical greats as producer Joe Papp. He gladly shared stories about visiting the Playboy Club in Chicago while appearing in The Great White Hope with Brock Peters in the late 60’s and how Papp wouldn’t give him more rehearsal time in a show by, humorously telling him, “You just got married. Now, it’s time to go to bed!”

Meeting famed character actor James Hampton was, also, pretty cool. Hampton has appeared in everything from Teen Wolf to low budget science fiction epic Hanger 18 to Disney’s fun and frisky The Cat From Outer Space. He told me that Jane Fonda, who was still battling a stridently political image when he worked with her on 1979’s The China Syndrome, was a lot of fun and nothing like he expected.

Of course, there were tons of amazing major league (Marvel’s Jeph Loeb, DC’s Gail Simone) and independent (Dirk Manning from theNightmare World series; James Murray from Bride of Prometheon Classic Horror Comics) comic creators, but my happiest moment was when electic Tim Seeley drew me a quick sketch of one of my favorite characters, Pooch, from one of my favorite comics, Hack/Slash. A modern day slasher film come to life (with emotionally true and life damaged characters), Hack/Slash is definitely worth taking a stab at (if – gasp – you haven’t already) and you can keep up the pulse at .

Until next time, Sweet love and pink Grue, Big Gay Horror Fan!

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