It’s Never “Sloppy” Seconds with Maniac Films!

Published April 14, 2012 by biggayhorrorfan

When Big Gay Horror Fan wakes up screaming in the night because he believes that his body has sprouted copious amounts of fur (a la Chaney Jr.) or is covered in stinking rolls of yellowed bandages (courtesy of reruns of Karloff’s The Mummy), it only brings home the favored fact that we horror fans truly relate to our mutant, eternally haunted and often misunderstood monsters.

Maniac Films latest production, Sloppy the Psychotic, acknowledges this emotional bond while, also, bringing on the twisted humor and unrepentant bloodshed that made their first film, Deadly Detour, such an enjoyable horror ride.

When man-child Mike (understatedly played by co-writer and director Mike O’Mahony) is fired from his job (and life long passion) as a professional clown due to a moment of passionate defense, his world soon unravels. Sex partners, wisdom spewing bums, cocky bosses and eventually a yard full of birthday partiers fall prey to his murderous impulses in shockingly fun displays.

All along this entertainingly chopping ride, though, O’Mahony allows our lonely inner geeks to surface upon, and ultimately truly relate to, Sloppy while allowing our most demented fantasies some filmic reality, as well. Who hasn’t wanted to eviserate (or, at the very least, take a piss on the chair of) a miserably tyrannical employer – or take a gun, gangland style, to a continually screeching child in a restaurant? Here, those darkest wishes come to hilarious life.

In fact, in Sloppy’s most vulgar massacre, everything that is special about Maniac Films comes to bloody light. (SPOILER ALERT). With total disregard for correctness of any kind, O’Mahony and crew slaughter the  participants of a family birthday party with poisonous glee. Children are done away with as heinously as the adults, resulting in a spectacle that rivals the violent antics of the Road Runner cartoons. The sight of a squealing child thrown onto and then entombed in a fired up grill still gives my giggle machine a start every now and then – proving that O’Mahony and Maniac Films are serious contenders in the world of transgressive horror.

To follow the adventures of Sloppy as he travels the convention and film festival circuit, check out:!/pages/Sloppy-the-Psychotic/146088812136075

And, until next time, Sweet love and pink Grue – Big Gay Horror Fan!

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