Getting Down There and Slipping it in with Ningen Manga’s Ferocious “Cougars”!

Published March 17, 2012 by biggayhorrorfan

Growing up, Big Gay Horror Fan never got over the fact that my younger sister insisted on naming the black cat she got, one Christmas morning, “Midnight” as opposed to something totally cool and much less obvious as – say, “Vincent Price” or “Karloff-as-the-Monster!”! Now, all these years later, the pussies are coming back to haunt me, in the most delightful way, with Lonnie Martin’s smart and sassy horror short Cougars.

Chronicling the teenage disgust that bright student Sasha feels over her sexy mother’s constant bedding down with younger men, Cougars plays with adolescent angst and the humorous potential of its title with a finely tuned sense of awkward sexuality and comedy that soon turns into smoky found liberation. Highlighted by the expressive brown eyes of Rebecca Hausman as Sasha, director Martin’s beautifully shot 15 minute scenario reminds one of such classics as Cat People and recent indie phenomenon Teeth while remaining its own beast, entirely.

Currently entering the festival circuit, this Ningen Manga production, also, features fine performances from Kendra North as Sasha’s rebelliously sexy, extremely youthful mother and Charlie Dreizen as Stuart, the confused teenage boy who finds himself in face-to-claw with the pair’s predatory nature.

To get a peek into the world of Cougars, check out:

As always, Sweet love and pink Grue, Big Gay Horror Fan

And, until next time, make sure to avoid immediate contact with any purring Nastassja Kinski look-a-likes!

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