Get Ready!: Sleepover Cinema “The Wicked Winter Edition”!

Published February 24, 2012 by biggayhorrorfan

There aren’t many people that Big Gay Horror Fan will risk losing his (almost) beauty sleep over, but the cool folks at 1901 Gallery Theatre in Chicago are so sweetly awesome that I am facing the terrifying prospect of losing quality z’s for their blood chilling Sleepover Cinema “The Wicked Winter Edition, taking place this Saturday, beginning at 8pm and going on until the wee, wee wicked hours.

In fact, I have been honored to be asked to co-host and will be presenting two retro terror flicks with some queer style content.

There can’t be anything stranger than truck driving mush mouthed Joe Dallesandro frolicking across bleak European landscapes in Paul Morrissey’s outrageous Blood for Dracula. There isn’t anything quite as beautiful, either, and Dallesandro definitely gives all the women and inclined gents plenty to look at in this bizarre and slippery feature.


Frank Hennenlotter’s Brain Damage not only stars handsome (soon to be soap stud) Rick Hearst (Herbst) but also features a scene in a transient hotel with specific gay overtones. As Hearst spirals quickly downward, due to the brain sucking mechanisms of a creature named Elmer, he encounters a naked muscle man showering in the communal area of the desolate hotel he is hiding out in. The bicep ridden stud tells a nervous Hearst that he has nothing fear from him, obviously referencing that the area is a cruising ground for men – and, eventually, for  lovers of terror, as well.

So, here’s hoping that we can share these moments and more together this weekend – and if not then – soon!

And, as always, Sweet love and pink Grue – Big Gay Horror Fan

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