Jill Schoelen: The Bright Joy of Kelly’s Smile

Published December 24, 2011 by biggayhorrorfan

As Big Gay Horror Fan navigates the miles of insecurity that carpet his existence, a musical soundtrack has always proven to be essential. Thankfully, esteemed horror honey Jill Schoelen (The Stepfather, Popcorn, Cutting Class, Curse 2) has given the world the delicately lovely Kelly’s Smile, which highlights the delightful awkwardness of life and is a must-have for emotionally sensitive geeks (and non-geeks)everywhere!

Inspired by her friendship with the late costume designer Kelly Troup (Cutting Class), the daughter of esteemed musician Bobby Troup and smoky voiced singing icon Julie London (who, also, appeared in the terror fraught The Red Barn with Edward G. Robinson and the 1944 beast in the jungle flick Nabonga), Schoelen’s debut is full of skilled, vibrant musicianship and her trippingly light and joy filled vocals.

Featuring both the famed and more obscure tunes of the well regarded Mr. Troop; Schoelen brings a fuller sound to the gray velvet moan of “Cry Me A River”, London’s best known musical performance, and practically makes “Girl Talk” her own with a wave of dancing humor and straightforward city smarts in her voice. Like the best Tony nominated starlet, she brings a sense of character and comic intent to “Daddy” and obviously pours her heart into Troop’s fun n’ jazzy tribute to his daughter, “Kelly’s Smile”, recorded here for the first time.

Most importantly, any one feeling out of sorts with the world can find immediate identification in Schoelen’s understanding, salt and pepper vocals on such songs as “Just the Way I Am”, “You’re Looking at Me”, and “February Brings the Rain”, three of this intimate project’s very best cuts.

Kelly’s Smile is available for download on Amazon and ITunes and is that perfect last minute present for your favorite, sensitive fright loving fiend or as self gift to enjoy after the holidays are through with their wicked yet merry barraging.

Until the next time – Sweet love and pink Grue, Big Gay Horror Fan!!

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