Getting Backwards with Freaky Angels, Deadly Apps and One Sweet Bloody Axe!

Published December 3, 2011 by biggayhorrorfan

The nuns always used to scare Big Gay Horror Fan as a kid. The nuns – and Amish women. And, yes, smart asses, there is a difference. But, now it looks like I should have really been running from a different source of religiosity. Author-director-actress Lia Scott Price has created a new kind of horror being with a deliciously demented take on guardian angels. Her website is chock full of links to free stories and videos filled with the emotional angst and devious doings of those long regarded as supreme protectors and is worth a scabrous halo’s worth of your time @

Deliciously demented writer-producer Tammy Dupal, meanwhile, envisions a gut ripping fate for a chronic cell phone user in Twisted Central’s first video short X Marks the Spot. Accented by Deann Baker’s truly creep inducing score and surprisingly professional performances, particularly from Melissa Revels as the sweetly sassy Chloe and the absolutely pulse raising (yet strangely sexy) Ty Yeager, this short is a step above the norm in execution and leaves viewers imagining the same horrific fate for their favorite app obsessed companions. Check it @:

Meanwhile, outrageously provocative filmmaker Kevin Strange has turned to the written word as his latest creative outlet. His original chapbook The Planet Backwards Plays One Last Gig is a juicily well written look at what happens when one down and out band misinterprets a spookily shared dream and helps bring about a monster licked apocalypse. Inspired by the writings of Lovecraft while retaining a hardcore uniqueness, this fast read is hedonistically bloody yet full of compassionate heart. Despite their overriding foibles, Strange’s characters have a loveable glow about them and you follow them, joyfully, from one glisteningly strewn body part to another.

Be sure to keep up with Strange and his deliciously chunk strewn world at

Echoing Strange’s footsteps, a bevy of twisted n talented playwrights will be competing for 2011’s Bloody Axe at Wildclaw Theatre’s annual Deathscribe contest on Monday, December 3rd in Chicago at the Mayne Stage in Rogers Park. This year’s entries include • Falling Apart, written by Matthew George, directed by Audrey Francis (Pine Box Theatre, Black Box Acting Studio) • Dark Muse, written by Colin Johnson, directed by Kimberly Senior (Strawdog Theatre, Next Theatre, Steppenwolf)• Alabama Mermaid, written by Jessica Wright Buha, directed Carolyn Hoerdemann (Court Theatre, DePaul University)• Legacy, written by Christopher Hainsworth, directed by Carolyn Klein (Seanachai Theatre, Deathscribe 2010)• Entity, written by Thomas J. Misuraca, directed by Manny Tamayo (Factory Theatre).

If that isn’t mind blowing enough – Ora Jones (“Wendy” from Prison Break), The Theatre School’s flexibly brilliant Julia Neary, special effects maverick J. Anthony Kosar (whose Toby creature mask for Satanic Panic was profiled in Fangoria #287), myself (yes, the Big Gay Horror Fan) and so many other cool folks will be on hand as judges for the event.

More information on Deathscribe 2011 and WildClaw, who specialize in horror based theatre, can be drilled (in the head) @!

And until next time – Sweet love and pink Grue, Big Gay Horror Fan!

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