Give Me a Little Frankie in the Front (or BGHF’s Awesome Halloween Holiday Recap)!

Published November 23, 2011 by biggayhorrorfan

Nothing Hotter than a Frankie in the Front!

Oh, my Mary Shelley! Big Gay Horror Fan’s 2011 Halloween season was better than spending the weekend as a nubile feminist in a long haired poet’s bedroom. Well…almost! Anyhow, it all started out with an annual trip to the Gold Coast in Chicago to see the awesomely decorated mansions. One lucky soul even planted a Frankenstein monster in the front lawn (above) and I have to tell you my inner Wollenstonecraft jumped for joy! Its just amazing to think of the fantastical legacy of horror that the world has enjoyed courtesy of one refined teenage girl!

Meanwhile, the Word Up! Halloween Extravaganza featured so much incredible Chicago horror talent that my knees are STILL buckling, bloodily!  Horror Society’s Dr. Gore (, screenwriter-actress Kelsey Zukowski, Doorway Unto Darkness author Owen Keehnen, actor Cory Schiffern (from the slasher When Heaven Comes Down, available on the Savage Sickos compilation from Pendulum Pictures) and occasional writer-actress-make-up artist-zombie promo girl Kirsten Pfeiffer all gave up the dark and gooey as if their lives depended on it! Everyone of these creepy lovelies made a big BGHF dream come true by acting out the ‘Crazy Abel’ scene from one of my favorite horror films of all time – Friday the 13th, Part 3! (To highlight, above from left to right, Ms. Kirsten contemplatively drives as “Chris” while Schiffern grins in the background – then Dr. Gore gets into the ‘Chuck’ of things by working on his perfect prop, and I am talking the cigarette, my peanuts, while Schiffern, once again, laughs his way to underground variety show stardom – while, lastly, the soon to be iconic Zukowski gets savage (as in Tracy) by putting her acidic spin on the always popular ‘Debbie’.) Thanks, my perfect fright goons!!!


Next up, I had the pleasure of co-producing the behind stupendous Flesh Hungry Dog Show’s third annual Zombie-A-Go-Go featuring such acts as Patty Elvis and a spot-on, pale faced Joy Division cover band.  Zukowski (giving it a Burton whirl, above) and fellow horror maverick Heather Dorff were on hand to co-host (Dorff) and promote (both) their psychologically chilling short What They Say ( Meanwhile, the Sisters of  No Mercy (top) did their nunsploitation- cabaret best by detailing the hellish origins of primary protagonist, Sister Helen Highwater! Make sure to check these exploitation geniuses out at!

Continuing the gore flung madness, the very next night I got to interview the legendary Herschell Gordon Lewis in front of a packed house at the spectacular Music Box Massacre 7. The video proof explodes, with shockingly fun sing-a-long results, below:

My Heart Stopped Beating - (For a Moment)!

While, Lewis made my pulse race with nervous outrageousness (he is the master of the gore littered cult film, after all), director Gregg Bishop made my spirit dance for other reasons! He is just what every masochistic gay terror lover wants for his very own – a straight, college frat guy-type with a love for the genre! I got to interview the down to earth, very cool Bishop after the screening of his cult favorite Dance of the Damned at Terror in the Aisles 9 at the historic Portage Theater in Chicago – and, yes, I have finally stopped texting him those blood red Japanese love poems. I swear!

What do you mean? We DID bag these ourselves!

The counter culture antics continued up until the bewitching day itself as I got to hang out with the visiting Victoria Price, in town to honor her father Vincent’s 100th birthday. A few days before the October 30th Vincentennial, once again at the grand Portage Theater, we did all the usual Chicago tourist things – dinner at the Chicago Diner, the theater, a brisk Autumn architecture tour – and late night grocery shopping!!  Price, inspired by her father’s lovingly intense artistic nature is now a successful designer, in her own right, as evidenced by!

Drink enough beer, Scotty and you'll Get this tall, too!

While actually occurring during the second weekend of November, Horror Hound Cincinnati 2011 was actually the official end of the Halloween season for me. I, always love meeting the celebrities (‘Fan’ being my last name, after all), but most importantly it is a chance to spend time with all the terrific oddballs and generous spirits that make up my horror film family.

Besides, finally getting to meet the superlative Patrick K. Walsh from the must listen to Scream Queenz Podcast (, I got to spend quiveringly quality time with such amazing personalities (and talents) as writer Jon Kitley ( and his family, the incredible Dawn and Nick, rare horror soundtrack guru Joe Wallace (, skilled artist (see below) Don England (, wrestling god-musical wonder Billy and his amazingly talented designer girlfriend Sasha (above left), horror master Aaron Christensen (the book Horror 101), blushingly fantastic scream queen Kitsie Duncan, Chateau Grrr’s inventive Chad Hawks (, my biggest supporter (and Wildclaw Theater member) Coye Vega and so, so many others. No one gets it like these folks do and no one gets luckier than Big Gay Horror fan to have these smart and vital people in my life!

Is that Boris Karloff, himself, or the awesome work of Don England? H-m-m.

So, until next time — Sweet love and pink Grue, Big Gay Horror Fan!

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