Hey! I’ll Trade You One Summer Moon for a Crazy, Psychotic Roommate!

Published May 27, 2011 by biggayhorrorfan

Out of all Big Gay Horror Fan’s dirtiest secrets, the fact that I love such mainstream chick horror flicks as the recent Prom Night remake, The Haunting of Molly Hartley (both 2008) and (last week’s quickly snatched up DVD release of) The Roommate may be the muddiest! Striking this up to my sexuality may be the easiest answer, but I think this flirty adoration lies more with my childhood love of such television terror flicks as The Initiation of Sarah (1978), A Vacation in Hell (1979), Midnight Offerings and No Place to Hide (both 1981) and Deadly Lessons (1983) which these contemporary terrors closely ape with simplistic variations. Indeed, like those televised terrors which featured the series ready ladies of the day (Morgan Fairchild, Mary McDonough, Maureen McCormick, Melissa Sue Anderson), these current flicks feature such proud network lasses as Shannon Woodward (Raising Hope), AnnaLynne MacCord (90210), Leighton Meester (Gossip Girl) and Minka Kelly (Friday Night Lights).

And from where I stand (well, actually sit), until the final moments when it’s carefully laid plot threads hurtle toward a rushed conclusion, The Roommate features basic, but nicely construed situations involving a psychotic young woman’s (Meester) attachment and bloody manipulation of her college roommate (Kelly). Although, the fact that these two actresses so closely resemble each other (which, admittedly, is an important plot point) can drive one a bit batty and The Vampire Diaries’ elegant Nina Dobrev (also the star of the fun, sexually twisted Fright Night rip-off Never Cry Werewolf) is completely wasted in a role that should have been more richly examined, The Roommate fascinates with how actually kinky Meester’s character becomes. Whether violently masturbating to the voice of her gal pal’s former boyfriend or sadistically ripping the piercing of a rival off in an intensely choreographed shower scenario, Meester’s Rebecca is one calm, cool and very odd bunny rabbit.

"Just sitting here waiting for you, BGHF!" Love, MattOn an interesting note (and no I am not referring to Cam Gigandet, Matt Lanter or Alex Meraz – the film’s multiple male flesh monkeys), The Roommate, also, features a very confident lesbian character in the form of Danneel Harris’ Irene. Of course, in real life, all the good fan kids know that Harris now goes by the last name Ackles. Yep, she’s officially Jensen’s wife and, yes, that is the sound of my supernatural heartstrings snapping, folks!                            Anyhow, while a film geared more to the male audience might have found the addition of the very sexy, very female hungry Irene as mere titillation, here she comes off as fun and powerful (within the two dimensional bounds of the project, that is) and she is definitely one of the film’s good guys, as well, surprisingly surviving to the last frame. Which, as minutely thankful as that may be, is truly something that the Sapphic characters of such terror-ifically traumatic films as Class Reunion Massacre (1978) and Detour aka ‘who loves ya, femme lip locking Tiffany Shepis?’ (2003) definitely could not say.

Meanwhile, one Twilight based co-star of Gigandet and Meraz (who both appear in the series – with Lanter, coincidentally, joking it up in the Vampire’s Suck parody), the lovely young Ashley Greene, gets into even more possibly degrading situations than the redoubtable Meester in the oddly twisted Summer’s Moon (2009). As Summer Matthews, a tough ass searching for her long lost father, Greene barely registers, but the bizarre, illicitly incestuous and ultimately murderous activities she engages in here are peculiarly enjoyable viewing. If Greene did take on the role to break through any cute teenage conventions brought on by her voyage on the Stephanie Meyers’ path, one wishes she looked like she was relishing the experience more, but veteran actor Stephen McHattie clearly amps up the psychotic energy as Summer’s possible pater familiar and the film ultimately leaves one with that pleasant dirty feeling that only the sleaziest of exploitation can provide.

But, if one truly needs to see a former teen cutie going full hog, check out Lindsay Lohan’s prosthetic based sex scene in the amazing I Know Who Killed Me (BGHF’s most favorite movie of all time!).


And even though with the above  comments I just hit the perfect 666 in word count, I just gotta say that link is better than milk n’ cookies to help the young ones sleep at night and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, that Lohan’s performance in this is truly fearless and because of this, despite any real life foibles, she will always be Queen Number One (Yeah, screw you, Elizabeth!) in my fruit flavored book!

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