Music to Make Horror Movies by: Lauren Bacall

Published September 26, 2016 by biggayhorrorfan


She had one of the most distinctive speaking voices of all time and the irreplaceable Lauren Bacall also used those smoky tones to subtle singing effect in such Broadway musicals as Applause and Woman of the Year.

Best known for her alluring performances in a series of noir classics with (her beloved, first husband) Humphrey Bogart, Bacall jumped on the early ‘80s slasher bandwagon by playing a theatrical diva whose life and limb (and sequin suits) were threatened by a smooth and menacing stalker (of the self loathing variety) in the underperforming (but twisted and enjoyable) The Fan. lauren-bacall-fan-2

Of course, here she is in complete control, singing I Wrote the Book (to a devoted Wayne Newton and others) from Woman of the Year, a role that won her a second Tony award.


…and if that doesn’t make you want to do a soft shoe, in the afterlife, with an old school diva…then nothing will.


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Deanna Dunagan Joins The Exorcist

Published September 23, 2016 by biggayhorrorfan


The divine Deanna Dunagan may go down in history as having created one of the creepiest and most emotionally present villainesses with her take on Nana in M. Night Shyamalan’s 2015 return to form, The Visit. But, she has also given the horror universe another powerful female player with her recent appearance on the third season of FX’s The Strain.   Here, playing Ancharia, a powerful medieval tutor and savior to (series regular) Quinlan, Dunagan provided the episode with its heartfelt core and made us long to see more of her in this masterfully created universe.deanna-strain

Now, Dunagan promises to provide even more strength of will in her recurring role as Mother Bernadette on Fox’s The Exorcist. This reimagining of the classic film and William Peter Blatty novel stars Academy Award winning actress Geena Davis and makes its debut on Friday, September 23rd, 2016. Dunagan’s first appearance will be on the 4th episode with more “visits” to follow in forthcoming installments.

You can keep up with all the levitating monstrousness and soul sucking antics to come at and


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Stay Out of the Woods

Published September 21, 2016 by biggayhorrorfan


While many terror fans have been focusing on the forest dwelling scares of Blair Witch of late, true connoisseurs of cheesy ‘80s grue have been, eagerly, keeping their eyes on Stay Out of the Woods, the indie horror sequel to the cult classic slasher, Don’t Go in the Woods…Alone.

Working closely with James Bryan, the director of the original, writer-director Henry Frias Leon promises lots of zaniness and gore in this what if/parody.

To reserve a bloody tent and killer sleeping bag of your own, be sure to follow the film’s progress at


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Review: Night Terrors

Published September 15, 2016 by biggayhorrorfan


While, perhaps, considered blasphemous by some, this critic maintains that Night Terrors killer Santa segment provides more visceral enjoyment than the classic And All Through the House from 1972’s Tales from the Crypt. Sorry, Joan and friends!

Here, a rampaging Claus obliterates a group of likeable punks in a rundown house. Full of humor and bloody mayhem, this jolly (yet very murderous) stranger makes quick work of these youths in a variety of brutal ways and then, thankfully, makes his way onto the typical (and very annoying) suburban family next door. Interestingly, the fact that writer Alex Lukens and director Jason Link create very enjoyable and relatable victims makes the violence seem all the more random and unnecessary. These are the type of people that populate your favorite local bands or write that anarchistic blog that you adore and are the exact opposite of the obnoxious and privileged denizens of the popular slasher projects from the ‘80s. Thus, their demises, while fun, are littered with a touch of rare poignancy.nt-santa

Baby Killer, the second story in this well executed independent horror anthology from Weird on Top Pictures, benefits from some emotional immediacy, as well. Here, writer-director Lukens goes for broke, creating some of the film’s most disturbing visuals, including the savage murder of a young child, as a mad scientist-type goes on a killing spree trying to save his dying daughter. Although, actor Richard Hackel fills his determined patriarch with such anguished passion that it is hard not to feel for him. Meanwhile, Miranda Howard’s Sandy is equally effective as she, valiantly, fights for her life and that of her unborn child.

nt-baby-killerThe final story, Abstinence, is full of gooey madness as a viral infection, caused by sexual contact, takes its toll on a college campus. Most notably, actors Sean Jones and Joe Bachan add plenty of bro-type humor while Asia Rain is an effectively attractive presence as the woman worth dying for.

Admirably filmed on a budget of $5000 with mostly non-actor types, Night Terrors even succeeds with its wrap-around segment,  featuring an annoyed older sister (the invigorating Alyssa Benner) spinning scary tales to her relentlessly sleepless brother (a cutely exasperating Dominic Crawford).

You can rent this fine indie terror achievement at: or purchase it and other goodies at

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Hopelessly Devoted to: Morgan Fairchild

Published September 9, 2016 by biggayhorrorfan


“At Ms. Swales’ School for Girls we always strive for perfection!”

She’s one of the world’s most politically aware celebrities, tweeting about foreign policy and war torn environments with frequency and skill. Therefore, it’s totally natural that the exquisite Morgan Fairchild has brought this quality of leadership into many of her performances. Often conniving and frequently dangerous, Fairchild’s femmes have, commonly, seemed like presidential material and, as we dive deeper into a contentious election period anchored by the first female nominee, it seems only proper to highlight a couple of this blonde beauty’s most powerful roles.fairchild-5

In fact, in the late era slasher Phantom of the Mall: Eric’s Revenge, Ms. Fairchild emphasized her governmental worthiness by playing the ambitious major of a struggling town. Doing everything in her power to provide revenue to the citizens, her Karen Wilton is guided by one of the actress’ true strengths, a strong yet sympathetic edge. Yet, it is discovered that all ruses are red when it is eventually revealed that Wilton was behind the fiery destruction that led to the main character’s disfiguration and murderous rampage. Thus, she must pay, as all villainesses do.

fairchild-6Often knocked on as a pale Phantom of the Opera imitation, POTM gains significant leverage by featuring a number of genre regulars including Derek Rydall (Popcorn), Ken Foree (Dawn of the Dead), Tom Fridley (Friday the 13th, Part 6) and Scream Queen Brinke Stevens. But even with glass spikes sticking through her abdomen, Fairchild is the main attraction here, providing one of modern fright films’ truly emotionally monstrous women.

Her Camella Swales in the 1994 science fiction-comedy Virgin Hunters (AKA Test Tube Teens from the Year 2000) is even more ambitious, though. This strict piece in a very tight skirt has gained universal power by convincing the government to outlaw sex and it is up to a couple of handsome, time traveling test tube collegiate types to stop her before she destroys the future of America.fairchild-4

Featuring elemental strands from projects as wide ranging as The Terminator to Some Like It Hot, Fairchild adds subtle intonations and unexpected growls to her stereotypical yet fun dialogue here. Naturally, her no nonsense warden is eventually softened by a man’s gaze, an insulting but expected result in a T and A farce, and America’s future is soon assured. Still, Fairchild has as much fun as she can with the proceedings, once again maintaining the project’s enjoyably silly focus.fairchild-2

Fairchild, who also gains glitter points for her AIDS activism and for her portrayal of Sandra Bernhard’s girlfriend on Roseanne, can be followed at and

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I babysat for a couple of kids in a rainy rectory once.

Thankfully, director-writer Jason Coffman has imagined something even more unusual with Housesitters. In this upcoming horror comedy, party-hearty friends, Angie and Izzie, discover something very strange in the basement of the estate that they are watching over. Naturally, many supernatural hi-jinks ensue.

Coffman has recently released a fun teaser trailer, featuring a number of enjoyable Euro horror references, for the film:

…and if you eventually get bored dipping your fingers in that bloody bong water, you can follow the film’s progress at

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CarousHELL: Official Trailer

Published September 2, 2016 by biggayhorrorfan


The last few times that I have visited an amusement park, I have definitely felt my mortality. The rides just weren’t as fun with the thought that I could actually be that one in a million who catapults, mid-swirl, off the roller coaster. Yikes!

Director-writer Steve Rudzinski, the force behind the fun indie slasher Everyone Must Die, goes this fear one better, though, with his most recent effort, CarousHELL. Detailing what happens when a pissed off carousel pony begins to wreck bloody vengeance, this zany scare ride looks like a must see.

Naturally, the official trailer is a total blast…


…and you can keep up with the carnival like atmosphere at and

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