Putting the Femme in FANtastic!

Published September 2, 2015 by biggayhorrorfan

Lowry in “Model Hunger”

Ladies choice is always awesome, but being able to pick your favorite ladies is pretty cool, as well. FANtastic Horror Film Festival is allowing you to do just that. Using the link, below, you can vote for such horror luminaries as Debbie Rochon, Lynn Lowry, Tiffany Shepis, Kaylee Williams and others.



The big news here, of course, is the fact that Rochon’s acclaimed directing debut, Model Hunger, has gotten multiple nominations. But Chomp, the fun horror comedy short written and directed by Lynne Hansen, is also worthy of note, and Williams, who has always given emotionally charged performances, is definitely worth your consideration in the Best Supporting Actress in a Short category, as well.


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In Remembrance: Coleen Gray

Published August 29, 2015 by biggayhorrorfan

coleen 1
Always friendly and happy to talk about her B movie past, the sweet Coleen Gray passed away, at the age of 92, on August 3rd, 2015.

Starting out in the tough talking world of noir, Gray made solid impressions in 1947 with Kiss of Death and Nightmare Alley, which was famous for Tyrone Power’s attempt to provide a more serious image for himself and featured some of Gray’s darker work as a loving carnie willing to go to desperate lengths for the man she loved.coleen 3

Often, though, her shining nature couldn’t be diminished and, among her bevy of Westerns and television programs, she provided 1957’s The Vampire with its share of screams as a concerned small town nurse. A rare turn as a powerful villainess provided Gray with, perhaps, her most notable role for genre fans, and until the end, she embraced the admiration she received for her work in 1960’s The Leech Woman. The interesting twist on this variation of The Wasp Woman, supposedly inspired by the tale of Elizabeth Bathory, was that the victims of June Talbot, the character Gray played, were mainly men not women.

coleen 2Gray was, also, proud of her work in a 1986 episode of Tales of the Darkside. She was quoted as being pleased to have worked with Lorna Luft, the daughter of an old friend, Judy Garland, in this, her last outing on the television screens of America.

A fond Rest in Peace to a beautiful and truly classy performer!

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Scarewaves in Chicago!

Published August 28, 2015 by biggayhorrorfan

Got your bloody boogie board ready? Well, then you’re all set to take on a few Scarewaves!

Ohio based filmmaker Henrique Couto and screenwriter John Oak Dalton will be attending a special screening of their horror anthology Scarewaves at Chicago Filmmakers, 5243 N. Clark, in Chicago (naturally) on Saturday, September 12th.

Described as Talk Radio meets Creepshow, this seems like one movie event that Midwest terror freaks won’t want to miss.


And if you aren’t Illinois bound any time in the future, be sure to check out the fun official trailer at

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Blake Mawson’s Pyotr495

Published August 26, 2015 by biggayhorrorfan

The emotional connections that fans have to horror films is, often, what draws us so passionately to the genre.

Writer-director Blake Mawson is taking this personal stamp a step further with his amazingly relevant Pyotr495. Inspired by the horrific treatment of the GLBT community in Russia, this horror short details what happens when an ultra-nationalist group in Moscow tries to mess with 16 year old Pyotr, a youth with some surprising secrets of his own.

Be sure to keep up with all the details of this important and intriguing project at

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As The Stab Burns: Kassie DePaiva, Days of Our Lives

Published August 22, 2015 by biggayhorrorfan

Kassie 3
(As The Stab Burns explores the careers and characters of genre actors who have, also, made a name for themselves in the delightfully awesome world of soap operas.)

As Bobby Joe, she, gamely, faced down freaky stuff in the woods in the cult horror classic Evil Dead II. But, lately, the timelessly beautiful, sweetly talented Kassie DePaiva has been dealing with even more twisted drama, on the regular, as the emotionally tormented, ultimately vengeful Eve Larson on Days of Our Lives.

After the late spring discovery of Eve’s affair with her innocent daughter’s boyfriend, a soap staple plotline if there ever was one, DePaiva has skillfully shown Eve’s guilt and anger. This anger has recently manifested itself upon Days’ perennial heroine, Jennifer, whom Eve blames, more than anyone, for the fallout of her relationship with Paige, her vulnerable offspring. As Eve, currently, plots to drug Jennifer into a doomed madness, De Paiva shows every conflicted thought in her character’s mind with flinty shifts in her eyes.

Kassie 2Testaments to DePaiva’s talents have been evident throughout the entirety of this story, though. Strangely, in a genre that has been built around powerful women, the writers at Days turned what could have been a deliciously lurid romp into an almost anti-feminine treatise, dominated by the male perspective, with only DePaiva showing the emotional confusion necessary to give the plotline a human touch.

Instead of concentrating on the forbidden connection and passion that a younger man and a more mature woman might share, the scribes had JJ, Eve’s undercover paramour; react with rebellious disgust over his affair with his girlfriend’s mother. His violent outbursts against Eve not only rendered the plot as almost unbelievable, but made the character of Eve seem deluded and desperate. That Jennifer, JJ’s mother, blackmailed Eve into allowing him to recommit himself to Paige, after her discovery of the affair, was another story oddity. This allowed JJ to bed Paige, a virgin, who surely would not have slept with him, had she known of his transgression. Unfortunately, this violation has never been addressed, vocally, by any of the participants, producing something far from the aura that such mighty mavens as Irna Phillips and Agnes Nixon, creators of such soaps of Guiding Light and All My Children, strove to achieve with such strong characters as Bert Bauer and Erica Kane. (Days has wandered down this weird path a number of times in the past few years. A particularly unctuous moment occurred when Kate, the show’s ruthless businesswoman, maneuvered Chloe, her former daughter-in-law, into a life of prostitution. The kicker, of course, being that Kate was once a lady of the evening, herself. )Kassie 1

Thankfully, though, the edge of heart sickness that De Paiva has given Eve has resonated throughout the story, giving viewers a way in, emotionally, and allowing them to care for the character, despite her mistakes. In fact, the show was at its best during the weeks of the reveal of the affair and its aftermath, thanks to that work and the truly fine achievements of De Paiva’s co-stars True O’Brien (Paige), Casey Moss (JJ) and Melissa Reeves (Jennifer). Additionally, the powers-that-be have finally allowed JJ to take a much softer and more balanced approach to his transgression. No longer spouting monologues blaming Eve for their trysts, he has acknowledged that they were both equal participants. Still, it’s a shame that the whole affair wasn’t rendered along the lines of such classic scenarios as Tad and Marian on AMC and Brooke and Deacon on The Bold and the Beautiful.

But, now with new head writers in place, it appears De Paiva is being tied into the show’s history with Eve’s current agenda. Jennifer’s mother Laura has had her bouts with madness, Eve’s inspiration for her scheme, and it looks like she may have a touching connection with the show’s upcoming serial killer mystery, a Days staple, as well. (The uninitiated should note that Days has often, successfully, delved into the spookily macabre with tales of satanic possession and premature burials lining up their dockets.) De Paiva’s chemistry with Greg Vaughn (Children of the Corn V), the show’s romantically lost former priest, has been readily apparent, as well.

…and if the weekends find you missing her presence, be sure to visit this incredibly talented lady, whose other terror credits include We Are What We Are and (the seemingly unreleased) Undone, at http://www.kassiedepaiva.com.

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Debra De Liso’s Beautiful, Terrifying, Love

Published August 22, 2015 by biggayhorrorfan

Behind the scenes, it may take a village to put on a show. But, sometimes, on the stage itself, all you need is one special presence.

Such is the case with the brilliant Debra De Liso. Best known as Kimberly Clark in the cult horror classic The Slumber Party Massacre, De Liso is a West Coast theatrical mainstay, with teaching, directing and acting credits galore. Now, after years of helping amazing talent travel with their own solo adventures across the boards, she has developed her own memoir piece, Beautiful, Terrifying, Love.

Recently, De Liso took this intimate production, which has been called “a tantalizing Twilight Zone marathon of a life, told by a poetic dynamo” to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. There, it was referred to as “involving” by WOW 24/7 and the press, also, delighted in the fact that references to her horror film past were made during the evening.debra 2

But, while shaded by veins of humor, the show, tenderly, focuses on De Liso’s relationship with her beloved and very talented bi-polar daughter. These photos from the production, taken by De Liso’s sister, obviously show her heartfelt connectedness to the material, making it seem like a sure fire journey that lovers of, both, the arts and the humanities will definitely want to be taken on.

More information on Beautiful, Terrifying, Love and De Liso, who has also appeared in such horror and cult films as Iced and Dr. Caligari, can be gathered at http://www.debradeliso.com.

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Tamara Glynn in Freddy’s Nightmares

Published August 18, 2015 by biggayhorrorfan

Tamara 1
Full of sweetly organic presence, Tamara Glynn not only enlivened Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Meyers, as the feisty yet vulnerable Samantha, in the late 80s, she also danced around another terror icon in the Love Stinks episode of Freddy’s Nightmares.

Tamara 2Endearing and genuine, Glynn’s Laura here only wants to be the recipient of athlete Adam’s (John Washington, a real life descendent of the first president) genuine devotion. Of course, when Adam slips up and tells another girl that he loves her, this episode becomes a creepily feminist look at relationships.

Since this is Krueger’s universe, Adam soon learns the hard way that a woman’s revenge can be quite deadly, in real and in dream life. In fact, in the episode’s most memorable moment, Adam imagines that a demented Laura, gleefully enacted by Glynn, has taken a sharp effort to sever their eternal bond.Tamara 3

Meanwhile, you can keep up with the busy Glynn’s current projects, including the upcoming Hot Springs Horror Film Festival in Arkansas, at https://www.facebook.com/tamaraglynn.

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