Music to Make Horror Movies By: Phoebe Legere

Published March 29, 2015 by biggayhorrorfan

She melted Toxie’s heart as the sweet, resourceful Claire in Toxic Avenger II and Toxic Avenger III, but the divine Phoebe Legere has always been more than just of the sum of her (admittedly) beautiful parts.

A world renowned composer, performance artist, actress and the full embodiment of her self-created Total Art Synthesis, Legere always transforms her lucky audiences, wholeheartedly.

Releasing 11 CDs of music over the years, Legere made cinematic waves in the classic 1988 documentary Mondo New York, performing one of her signature songs Marilyn Monroe.

You can keep up with all of Legere’s intriguing activities at:

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What to do about Indiana!?!

Published March 28, 2015 by biggayhorrorfan

indiana state capital
Got some free time this afternoon and wondering what to do with that rage over Governor Pence passing the Religious Freedom Act in the state of Indiana? Well, you could build a dollhouse out of the bloody shards of your cuticles…or you could make your voice be heard.

Here are some suggestions, passed along the grapevine, by authors/political activists like Kathie Berqquist and Achy Obejas:

“:RE: INDIANA: Outraged?…. Here are some numbers to call…. Were you Greek in college? Call up the Indianapolis-based North-American Interfraternity Conference (317.872.1112) and let them know your outrage. A Pacers fan? Call 317.917.2500. A Colts fan? Call 317.297.2658. Do you use Prozac or Cialis? Call Indianapolis-based drug maker Eli Lilly (317.276.2000) and let them know you’ll be asking your doctor about other options. Maybe you’re celebrity-obsessed and want to call 212.975.3820 and ask Kim Izzo-Emmet, director of publicity for The Late Show with David Letterman, that Dave scold his native state on national television. Or maybe you’re old-school and just want to call the Indiana Office of Tourism (317.602.6641) or the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce (317.464.2222). Or tweet them at @VisitIndiana. But make a call or tweet or two or ten during your lunch break. Do something. The audacity of a state that calls itself “the crossroads of America”!” BOYCOTT: The 2015 Final Four takes place April 4th and April 6th at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana. BOYCOTT because Pence signed RFRA.”

Well, get busy!

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The Feminine Focus of Insidious Chapter 3

Published March 26, 2015 by biggayhorrorfan

On Tuesday, March 17th, the same day that the Insidious Chapter 3 trailer dropped online, a handful of lucky Chicago residents got to see this preview launch at the historic Vic Theatre.

Local haunting expert Ursula Bielski warmed the audience up by introducing participants to the ghosts, including one named (aptly enough) Victoria, that have been rumored to linger along the arches of the well known establishment’s halls. She, also, enthusiastically asserted that the Insidious films contain accurate representations of astral projection, something that she and her brother have experienced in her own investigations into the mysterious and unknown.

The primary treat of the night, though, was the presence of actress Hayley Kiyoko. Kiyoko, currently appearing as a regular on CSI: Cyber, portrays Maggie, the best friend of the lead character, Quinn (Stefanie Scott). In addition to the nice adjustment of the series focusing on a young woman, Kiyoko also revealed that her character is Quinn’s primary source of support during the ghostly occurrences in the film, hinting that the feature will have some increasingly strong femme overtones.

BGHF & Kiyoko

BGHF & Kiyoko

The friendly Kiyoko, admittedly not a fan of the horror genre due to being easily frightened, also maintained that making the feature was just as scary as watching it. While she and the other actors knew the circumstances behind the scares in each scene, director Leigh Whannell would often vary the rhythm in which the shocks where delivered when filming, allowing for maximum fright among the cast.

You can view some of the results here:

Keep up with Insidious Chapter 3 as it makes its way toward theaters at

More information on Bielski and her Chicago Hauntings Tours is available at, as well.

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Celebrating Jesse F. Nagy!

Published March 25, 2015 by biggayhorrorfan

Sometimes it takes a straight 25 year old male to show the world how it should be done.

Detroit based actor Jesse F. Nagy has become an overnight media sensation because he donned a prom dress to take his shy niece, who didn’t want to play princess dress-up alone, to a showing of Disney’s new live action Cinderella. Even more impressive is his humbled, nonchalant response to all the recent attention. “I did what anyone else would do,” he told (an almost offensively incredulous) Good Morning America correspondent.

Unfortunately, many parents (and relatives) of transgendered youth wouldn’t do what Nagy did, proving, more than anything, not only what an amazing act of kindness his actions were, but that they were of incredible social import, as well.

Be sure to keep up with Nagy, who has a supporting role in Monsters: Dark Continent, at and

jesse 2

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All Through the House Trailer!

Published March 24, 2015 by biggayhorrorfan

all through the house
“So this is spring?!?” a lot of Midwesterners moaned after yesterday’s surprisingly messy snowstorm. But, I think maybe the mischievous goddesses of weather mayhem were just celebrating the release of the excellent trailer for Todd Nunes’ upcoming Christmas slasher All Through the House.

Featuring plenty of bloody mayhem along with hints at some accomplished performances and an interesting back story, this quick peek generates enough seasonal heat to definitely make All Through the House one of this year’s most eagerly anticipated features.

Be sure to keep your bloody stockings full at, as well!

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Music to Make Horror Movies By: Beverly Washburn

Published March 22, 2015 by biggayhorrorfan

Jill Banner and Washburn, Spider Baby

Jill Banner and Washburn, Spider Baby

Fear of the arachnid shouldn’t stop anyone from listening to Spider Baby star Beverly Washburn’s sweet ode to loneliness Everybody Loves Saturday Night. Written by folk legend Pete Seeger, this saccharine slab of awesomeness was delivered to the public in 1963 yet still retains a slick charm.

While her beguiling maliciousness in the above mentioned Jack Hill classic has, rightfully, gained her the most love from terror specialists, Washburn has, also, logged potent appearances in such genre projects as (the Boris Karloff hosted) Thriller and Ted V. Mikel’s recent Demon Haunt.

Keep up with this eclectic wonder at

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Speak Out LOUD with Eliska Hahn!

Published March 21, 2015 by biggayhorrorfan

With today’s report, via the Philadelphia Daily News, acknowledging that the repercussions from Jerry Sandusky’s heinous Penn State sex crimes are far from over, now seems the appropriate time to share an impactful episode of Speak Out LOUD with Eliska Hahn.

The glamorous Hahn, known to exploitation fans as the iridescent Nova in Invasion of the Space Preachers, has long been a forceful radio personality and is a devoted activist and advocate of victim’s rights, as well.

You can check out the link to the recent developments in the Sandusky case, here:

…and listen to Hahn’s well thought out, passionate show, here:

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