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Music to Make Horror Films By: Wilford Brimley, “I’m Old Fashioned”

Published September 29, 2013 by biggayhorrorfan

If you are asking yourself if it’s really a good thing that character actor Wilford Brimley (John Carpenter’s The Thing, beloved 80’s slasher Death Valley) has released 3 recordings since 1990, consider this. Brimley, himself, has stated that he isn’t much of singer. But his love of music and, most importantly, the joy he receives from collaborating with talented jazz musicians has led him to enjoy a modest side career of sorts.

brimley-thingIndeed, Brimley talk-sings most of his numbers such as “Being Green” and the title song on his first release, I’m Old Fashioned. But, as noted by several music critics of far more import than I, occasionally this mild prankster indulges in a phrase or two that actually places him in the ranks of the finest singers.

Besides, can you really fault an arctic miner for having a good time, now and then?

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Music To Make Horror Movies By: Kristy and Jimmy McNichol, “He’s A Dancer”

Published September 2, 2013 by biggayhorrorfan

“By the day, he’s Dr. Jekyll -
By the night, he’s Mr. Hyde.
Get him on the dance floor,
He can not be denied!”- He’s A Dancer

As a kid one of my biggest disappointments occurred when I discovered that KC was not rhapsodizing about being a monster when he sang “I’m Your Boogeyman” with the Sunshine Band.

Therefore, it was a small restitution (but a restitution, nonetheless) when Teen Beat siblings Kristy and Jimmy McNichol sang about everyone’s monstrously favorite bi-polar duo in their semi-hit, He’s A Dancer.

Granted, the thought of this chirpy pair of celebs singing at all may throw fear into the hearts of even the most hardened horror lovers. But, the McNichol’s do have a terror pedigree, of sorts. Kristy appeared in such genre draped offerings as 1982’s White Dog (maverick Samuel Fuller’s biting, canine look at racism), 1986’s Dream Lover and 1989’s The Forgotten One.Dream_lover_1986

Jimmy, meanwhile, essayed the title role in cult slasher favorite Night Warning (AKA Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker). This late 70’s lensed, early 80’s released epic is full of hag horror gesturing (via Susan Tyrell’s demented lead performance), social activism (due to a psychotically hate filled police detective played by Bo Svenson) and a surprisingly pro gay attitude. Oh, and blood – lots and lots of blood!

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Music to Make Horror Movies By: Richard Hell, “Blank Generation” (Fear No Evil)

Published August 25, 2013 by biggayhorrorfan

richard hellvoid
Long considered the forefather of the punk movement (with Malcolm McLaren copping his style for the Sex Pistols), former musician-current author Richard Hell created music fit for the questioning, rebellious child in us all.

fear2Thus, his (relatively few) songs connected with many generations of outsiders and have found themselves (in a mini-career of sorts) as perfect soundtrack underscoring. In 1981 horror treat Fear No Evil, in which director Frank LaLoggia mirrored his alienation as a gay teen with a story of a boy destined to satanic activity, Hell’s classic Blank Generation is used beneath a scene where the main antagonist delivers a little unrepentant comeuppance to his long suffering girlfriend. Ouch.
fear no evil
Meanwhile, Hell, himself, appeared in DIY director Nick Zedd’s 1983 Geek Maggot Bingo or The Freak from Suckweasel Mountain – an extremely experimental horror comedy featuring a Frankenstein variation and Hell as the Rawhide Kid.

Below, is a clip of Hell performing Blank Generation in low budget horror ‘maestro’ Ulli Lommel’s film of the same name:

Hell, who recently released a beautiful memoir about his ripped ‘n’ spiking heyday, can be sought out at

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Music to Make Horror Films By: Al Jourgensen/Ministry, “Stigmata”

Published August 18, 2013 by biggayhorrorfan

“My favorite weapon is the look in your eyes.” – Ministry, “Stigmata”

I always love finding new heroes!!

From the classic Every Day is Halloween to the more recent Ghouldiggers, musician Al Jourgensen (often with his iconic band Ministry) has reveled in horror imagery within his songs. He has also relished subversively queer imagery by creating musical projects with monikers such as 1000 Homo DJs and Revolting Cocks.

Further gaiety was provided this week when it was revealed that Jourgensen has written about giving a male associate a blowjob in his upcoming memoir.

What is most significant about this revelation is Jourgensen’s bemused acknowledgement that this is still considered jaw droppingly surprising and controversial in this day and age, a social stigmata – if you will. H-m-m…Are you listening, Russia???!!!!

Meanwhile, Big Gay Horror will be forever paying homage to the carefree Jourgensen at

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Music to Make Horror Movies By: Julie Brown, “Trapped in the Body of a White Girl”

Published August 4, 2013 by biggayhorrorfan

If I had to pick between having a Bloody Birthday or being Trapped in the Body of a White Girl - I think I would definitely pick the former. Murderous tots are so always, no?!?!

Lucky Julie Brown, performer extraordinaire, didn’t have to make that choice. One her of first movie roles was in beloved 1981 slasher Bloody Birthday (see photo above) and Trapped in the Body of a White Girl, her humorous song and the title track on her major label 1987 album, received a bit of airplay on MTV during it’s heyday.

Trapped features plenty of goofy horror and sci-fi imagery, proving once and for all, that Ms. Brown is a girl whom should have a place in every sensitive terror geek’s heart.

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Music to Make Horror Films By: Janelle Monae’s Dance Apocalyptic!

Published July 28, 2013 by biggayhorrorfan

Ignore the zombie werewolf. Don’t take the razor blade cocktail from that mysterious stranger in the dilapidated bar. All of those are little (often helpful) chunklets of advice Big Gay Horror Fan has received over the years. But to dance in the face of utter destruction as recommended by uncommonly brilliant performer Janelle Monáe– well that border lines on the cusp of pure brilliance!

Monáe’s old school girl group celebration, Dance Apocalyptic, features locusts, zombies and leather clad-motor cycling doom mongers. So, what are you waiting for? Check it out, here:

Then be sure to keep up with all of this eclectic singer’s activities at

You can keep it undeadly ‘n’ funky at, as well.

Until the next time – SWEET love and pink GRUE, Big Gay Horror Fan!

Music to Make Horror Movies By: Jayne County, “Rock ‘N’ Roll Resurrection

Published July 22, 2013 by biggayhorrorfan

jayne county
“It’s about how rock dies and dies and then resurrects itself!…Wash me in the blood of rock ‘n’ roll!” – Jayne County

If true rock and legitimate horror go hand and hand then the amazing Jayne County should have had a song on the soundtrack of every amazing terror flick over the past three decades.

Of course, life is gloriously unfair and that is not the reality of the situation. Still songs such as “F….. by the Devil” and the title track on this transgendered outlaw’s kinetic, crystal clear live recording Rock ‘N’ Roll Resurrection (1980) combine sex, punk energy and the deliciously scary sheen of nonconformity. The perfect combination for any fright freak’s Sunday afternoon soundtrack? You bet!

Non-believers can be convinced, here!:

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Music to Make Horror Films By: May, “When He Calls Me Kitten” – Kelley Deal 6000

Published July 14, 2013 by biggayhorrorfan

Okay, okay! Some people do think the sound of my Aunt Magatha moaning in the graveyard is the coolest (non) song to the soundtrack of life.

But those truly in the know recognize that the sweet sounds of The Kelley Deal 6000’s “When He Calls Me Kitten”, bursting forth in the background of Lucky McKee’s awesome psychological horror fest May (2002), is one of the best celluloid meets aural magic moments – EVER!!! Chew on that, horror grumps!!!

You can keep up with all of the legendary Deal’s activities at

Meanwhile, you can always find Big Gay Horror Fan polishing his collection of The Breeders’ buttons at!

Until the next time – SWEET love and pink GRUE!!!

Music to Make Horror Movies By (Pride Edition): Lezlie Deane – Scary Cherry, Fem 2 Fem

Published June 30, 2013 by biggayhorrorfan

There is only one way to get your bloody glitter on this Pride Day Sunday! Listen to some frickin’ awesome Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs – headed by Freddy’s Dead’s always rocking, total swoon monster Lezlie Deane! Their Limited Edition EP is The Muffs meets Alice Cooper by way of T Rex.

Opening song “Let’s Go” provides all the caffeine adrenaline that you need to get going in the morning while the tender (yet propulsive) “I Want You” proves that even kick-ass mommas can get their hearts broken. “Little Blue Bug” is one of the weirdest, most original love songs ever manufactured. Meanwhile, “Down” and “Original Sin” round out this 5 song recording with pure rockin’ fervor.

You can purchase Limited Edition EP and plenty of other sweaty, high kicking Scary Cherry merchandise at

And if that ain’t queer enough for you – Deane was also a member of the Sapphic, all girl electronic dance group Fem 2 Fem in the 90’s. So, here’s a little uncensored “Obsession” to wet your lip bitten, rainbow red whistle:

Until the next time – Keep that Deane love going strong!!!

SWEET love and pink GRUE, Big Gay Horror Fan!!!


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