Sally Ann Howes: The (Truly Natural) Queen of Horror!

Published July 31, 2014 by biggayhorrorfan

NPG x14112; Sally Ann Howes by Cecil Beaton
As a kid, actress-singer Sally Ann Howes meant my grandparents’ television soundtrack LP of Brigadoon. For many, of course, she was (the awesomely named) Truly Scrumptious from kiddy classic Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. (Chitty, of course, featured one of the most menacing figures of tiny tot horror, Robert Helpmann’s truly malevolent Child Catcher.)

sally donBut Howes has a pretty impressive terror pedigree, as well. Significantly, she played (naturally enough) a girl named Sally in the classic 1945 British anthology feature Dead of Night. Perkily, Howes recounts Sally’s tale of a supernatural encounter at a holiday party at a swanky mansion. But Howes, also, nails her character’s bone deep fright upon discovering the small boy she, innocently, tucked into bed was actually a ghost. The honest emotion that she brings to this story makes it just as significant a contribution to the film as its most famous tale, the story of an overpowering ventriloquist’s dummy featuring the legendary Michael Redgrave. M8DDESH EC003

Years later, Howes brought a sense of true maternal concern to her role of Margaret Mitchell in 1980’s Death Ship. While no Gone with the Wind, Death Ship features plenty of spooky activity (including blood spurting shower heads and skeleton baths) taking place on a mysteriously drifting vessel, innocently boarded by the survivors of an aquatic wreck. sally george

Howes does spend most of her time, here, either nurturing the actors playing her children or reacting in horror to being accosted by co-star Kate Reid’s bubonic prosthetics and/or George Kennedy’s maddened sea captain. But, her extreme naturalness makes all the extraordinary circumstances of this Nazi-tinged, water bound horror ring with truth, as well.

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Tales of Poe (Official Trailer)

Published July 31, 2014 by biggayhorrorfan

TOP's Donaldson (Curtains, Funeral Home)

TOP’s Donaldson (Curtains, Funeral Home)

Dine at the Scream Queen Buffet?!? With appearances by (femme horror film regulars) Debbie Rochon, Adrienne King, Amy Steel, Caroline Williams, Lesleh Donaldson, Susan Adrienson, Amy Lynn Best and Zoe Daelman Chlanda that is exactly what Bart Mastronardi and Alan Rowe Kelly’s upcoming Tales of Poe invites you to do!

…and the official trailer makes the whole shrieking affair look like bloody awesome fun, as well!

Now that you’re heeding the raven’s call, be sure to entomb yourself with all this awesome (literary based) project has to offer at the following sites: and

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Book Review: Melody Burning

Published July 30, 2014 by biggayhorrorfan


Just like the kid who wolfs down 5 corn dogs and then gets on the parking lot fair’s Tilt-a-Whirl, you have to let a lot go to buy into Whitley Strieber’s first young adult novel Melody Burning. But suspension of disbelief here, ultimately, results in a fun, quick read with a number of surprises and some fairly shocking charms.

Teen pop star/television actress Melody Mc Grath moves into the elite Beresford apartment building with her controlling manager-mother. Melody soon discovers, Phantom of the Opera style, the Beresford is home to a hunky teen boy who has grown up among its elevator shafts and secret passageways. As the two fall in love, the building’s murderously corrupt owner plots to incinerate it, hence the novel’s wonderfully sparky title.

Strieber (Wolfen, The Hunger) gets down the intense nature of control and rigidity that most younger people are exposed to when nailing down a show business career – making us sympathize greatly with Melody and her fate, both emotionally and physically. He, also, doesn’t candy coat the worlds of syndicate crime or the juvenile court system, most extremely highlighted by a sequence implying the reality of homosexual rape in group lockdown.

All the truthful harshness, though, is definitely leavened by the almost fairy tale nature of the two leads’ courtship and the radical change in thinking of Melody’s guardian by the tale’s explosive end.

You can keep up with Strieber’s adventures (literary and otherwise) at

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Music to Make Horror Movies By: Dennis Weaver

Published July 27, 2014 by biggayhorrorfan

dennis album
Battling down a mysterious truck driving stranger in Duel? Count television maverick Dennis Weaver in! Hitting a high note? H-m-m…maybe not so much!duel-poster

Yet, like 70s boob tube regulars Chad Everett and Telly Savalas, the late Weaver (who, also, co-starred with Valerie Harper in 1982’s truly spooky Don’t Go To Sleep) cut a number of (probably pretty misguided) albums.

Granted, our Stetson sporting buddy infused his recordings with a cheery folksy vibe that makes them a bit easier to take than Savalas’ monotone talk-sing. ‘sides, everybody likes critters, right?!?

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Bad CGI Friday’s: Shark Week (2012)

Published July 25, 2014 by biggayhorrorfan

shark_week 2
While not nearly as hotly electric as her death in Kick-Ass 2, the unstoppable Yancy Butler has lent some charged pizzaz to such low budget animal-horror-oaters like Rage of the Yeti, Wolvesbayne and the Lake Placid series, of late.

shark week 1Unfortunately, as the demented mistress of a madman who likes “to watch”, she is the most exciting thing about 2012’s Shark Week, The Asylum’s quick attempt to cash in on Shark Night’s mainstream release. Much of this aquanoid terror is spent watching a group of folks wander around an island (often not even in the water) trying to outwit a variety of murderous fin sporting creatures.

Naturally, the numerous attacks are created using bad CGI effects – often distorted by shaking camera work in a seeming attempt to overcome their obvious weaknesses.shark week 3

Granted, with a super ridiculous shark-on-a-spear effect and a cat-fight between Butler’s Elena and Erin Coker’s victorious journalist, things do escalate a bit as the film heads into its final half hour.

Besides, what else are you going to be doing with your time? Studying Sharks-speare?

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Heiress Horror: Formula for a Murder (1985)

Published July 24, 2014 by biggayhorrorfan

Ruth: “I almost envy her. What a way to die, making love.”
Craig: “I know a place where you can watch.”

While they might not all enjoy the terror subgenre of Heiress Horror (wherein a sweet moneyed miss is done wrong so others may gain her fortune), The Society of Disgruntled Altar Boys simply has to enjoy the 1985 rarity Formula For A Murder for another reason. Here, two men of the cloth are, alternately, razored and bludgeoned to death with vicious glee by the film’s cash grubbing antagonist. Note: Never take a donation from amnesia stricken cripple, folks!

formula coverYes, our leading lady here, Joanna (a modestly thoughtful Christina Nagy) is confined to a wheelchair due to being viciously attacked, as a child, by a man impersonating a priest. Now, that the money is coming her way, a proposal from a hunky archery (???) coach falls on her lap. Of course, post-marriage, a morbid case of gas-lighting soon ensues.

Here, though, director/co-screenwriter Alberto de Martino (The Tempter, Blood Link, Contraband) lets you know, fairly quickly, that it is indeed the young woman’s new love (a finely outrageous David Warbeck) and her saucy best friend who are planning her undoing. With her noted weak heart, Craig (Warbeck) plans to fuck Joanna to death!formula4

Of course, strange dreams, betrayals and growing affections alter the course here and soon blood is being spilled in all directions. Even fans of strictly classic cinema should get a (minor) kick out of the proceedings due to the appearance of Rossano Brazzi (South Pacific, The Italian Job, Omen III) as Joanna’s concerned mentor.

formula-for-murder-dvd-coverStill, more than anything, this is a movie to track down for Warbeck’s blazingly frightful work. Those familiar with his heroic antics in Twins of Evil and The Beyond will be delighted by the frenzied passion he brings to this role. With demonic energy pouring from his eyes, he attacks the landscape (and Nagy) with an over brimming psychosis and scenery chewing panache.

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Published July 23, 2014 by biggayhorrorfan

Recently, I had the chance to interview astounding artist Corinne Halbert whose art comic Hate Baby is an uninhibited delight.

Simply put – Halbert is one of my favorite artists of all time – and I genuinely LOVE this interview!

Be sure to keep up with all of Halbert’s face snapping activities at

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